Failing Forward


I have started and stopped blogging more times than I count at this point. This frustrates me but the fact that I keep coming back to it means I have a passion for it…right?

If not, I’m just even more stubborn than I thought and eventually I’ll just give-up on this…lol.

Part of my hesitation for writing here is that I feel like people just don’t have the time to read the way they used to. I know my time is super limited and I spend more time in my car than I’d like to. As a result I began listening to audio book and podcasts, which I personally love, but I also love to read (it relaxes me) and there is something therapeutic to me about writing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I launched a podcast over the summer, only did two episodes and now I am bringing it back. Did I fail because I hit a pause button on the podcast for 6 months? Nope. I just wasn’t fully committed to it and THAT IS OKAY.

My original plan for the podcast was for it to be a spoken version of the blog posts I write (and I still may end falling into this format…I just don’t know).

Click the photo to check out the Podcast on Spotify or look me up on iTunes

Sometimes we start in things and it doesn’t work out because we weren’t fully committed to it. Writing a blog, recording a podcast, going to gym and eating healthy all have things in common. They all require time…and time is something that many of us don’t think we have these days.

However, we have to make time for the things that are important to us. In the summer when I launched the podcast and in the months leading up to now, making the time for the podcast (or blogging) just wasn’t a priority for me. I had too many other things going on that needed my attention, so I had to make a sacrifice. There have been times over the last 10 years of my wellness journey that I have sacrificed workouts and healthy eating because I just couldn’t make it all fit into the 24 hours allotted to me each day.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse. I do have a habit of standing in my own way when it comes to new ideas and projects… I’m sure many of you can relate. We tend to be our own worst enemies and psych ourselves out when it comes to things that take us out of our comfort zones.

I recently read a book called Start:Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters by Jon Acuff and it called me out on my bullshit. I am one of those people who need everything to be perfect before I start and this book urges you to job in and do it….figure it out as you go! So that’s my new plan.

The important thing is that if you continue thinking about it and feel a pull toward it, you keep trying to make it work. When you do this you don’t fail…or at the very least you fail forward until you succeed.

If you have something you keep “failing” at but still feel a pull toward it, I’d love to chat and maybe help push each other toward success. Comment below or message me on Instagram so we can connect!

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