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Three, 21 Day Fix Questions Answered

Three 21 Day Fix Questions Answered
Recently I was asked by my friend Coach Eric, to do a LIVE Google Hangout, Q&A session on 21 Day Fix, for his bootcamp. I immediately said yes because of how much I love this program, but then sheer panic set in.


If you’re a long time follower of my blog or social media channels, you’ve already figured this out. I don’t know why I have such a phobia of video, but I do and it’s been Eric’s mission since I’ve met him to get me over it and in front of the camera. (He’s such a pal. *eye roll*)
transformation Tuedsday

The truth is, I don’t know why I loathe video so much. I share my before & after photos as well as all kinds of glimpses into my life via Instagram, ( <—— see) but video is just weird to me.

Okay…I’m the weird one…FINE! 

Today he won, though. He got me live on a Google Hangout and you know what? I didn’t die doing it. As a matter of fact I felt pretty comfortable doing it!

The topic of our webinar was the 21 Day Fix and his bootcamp participants were able to submit questions that they had about the program. I was then able to read all of the questions and select 3 of them to answer live on air. Pretty cool right?!

Some of the topics we covered were: Incorporating 21 Day Fix approved meals with your family (2:40 mark), How to stay on track with the program while on vacation (6:19 mark), How to overcome a plateau and stay motivated on your fitness journey (9:40 mark). There were also some bonus questions and conversation about salsa, my thoughts on beer and how coaching has helped me with my fitness & nutrition (25:00 mark).

So without further delay, here is the video recording of the webinar for your viewing pleasure.

So how did I do?! Do you think I should start doing more videos?

For those of you trying to get your children to eat healthier, a great way to get them involved is to try having them make their own Greek yogurt parfaits instead of ice-cream at night. For more recipes and ideas for getting them involved in the kitchen, check out my new Healthy Kids board on Pinterest.

Need more information about staying on track while on vacation? Be sure to check out this post I did about Staying on Track While on Vacation.

Have another question? Feel free to leave it in the comment section below and I’ll answer it as soon as I can for you!

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Stealing Time

I didn’t have time to type up a blog this week so I stole a little time and decided to vlog instead….enjoy!

As always, thank you YouTube for using the worst possible freeze frame. SMH.

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Which Way Is Which?

As I chug along on this road, to the town of awesomesauce, I occasionally question if what I am doing is right. Did I take the right path? Should I have gone right instead of left? Am I holding this map upside down, cause NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE?

It is at that point of yelling at myself and tears streaming that I stop, take a deep breathe and realize that this is all part of the journey. All of the the things I question are my lessons. They are the things that help me to improve who I am, to become stronger both mentally and physically. Without the questions there is no journey, and without the journey I can’t grow as a person.

With that, I will finish out some of my frustrations via Vlog….I’ve been a total slacker with them and posting lately so I figured I would try to make it up tonight.

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Two-A-Day Vlog Post

Well, I completed my week of two-a-days. Here is a lame vlog post for you. One of these days I’ll remember to turn the iPod sideways when shooting video. SMH.

Also – Thank you YouTube for always freezing the frame on the dumbest facial expression a person could make. You rock! *insert sarcasm font*

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Catching Up…

Today I looked back at some of my recent blogs and realized I have been slacking on following up with my progress. I figured it would be easier to just do a quick Vlog to get everyone up to date….plus it would get me in front of the camera again which is something I promised myself I would do. Hope you enjoy this quick little dose of me and feel free to leave feedback.

**Forgive the shakiness, I used my iPod to film this and I was holding it.**

**Also, by family not liking the vegetarian aspect of things I meant my children. My husband and Father-in-law don’t seem to mind very much.**

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My First Ever Vlog!

Ok fellow followers…as I let some of you know last week I have a fear of video cameras. Well not really a fear as much as I am just not a fan of them. Soooooo….I decided tonight to make my first ever Vlog.

Please have mercy on me as you watch this. Try not to laugh too hard at my awkwardness, and get ready to possibly deal with a weekly vlog from me as I attempt to come out of my shell, quit hiding behind a keyboard and let everyone get to know me a little better!

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