The Good And The Bad…

The Good…

Yesterday was a killer workout day! (and I mean killer in a good way!) I had P90X
Shoulders & Arms which is one of my favorite upper body workouts in the program.  The
only annoying part of it is how Tony ooo’s and aahh’s over Dreya through the whole
thing…..GAG! I teamed it up with Ab Ripper 200 from the Power 90 series which I LOVE
and have begun seeing results from already…plus the FABULOUS Dreya isn’t in it so it’s a
plus :P

I definitely need to get myself some heavier weights for this round as the ones I have are not cutting it anymore. I also started doing my workouts in my bedroom because my closets have full length mirrors so I can watch my form which has improved my performance greatly. I feel a better burn by being able to focus on what I am doing as opposed to what Dreya they are doing on the DVD.

The Bad….

Today is another story….SIGH….I need to switch YogaX to another day or double up somewhere or wake up earlier…I don’t know….SOMETHING!

Every week Thursday comes and I find excuses to put off the 90 mins of yoga Tony requires of me each week. Now in my defense I do the 10 minute trainer yoga everyday or a Rodney Yee AM Yoga DVD that I love because it helps my back. It’s not like I’m neglecting yoga totally but I feel guilty for not doing YogaX like I’m supposed to. I have a habit of skipping through the vinyasas and just doing the balance section of the DVD through to the end to make it shorter.

I know…I’m supposed to do the whole DVD but 90 mins IS kinda long, especially after working all day. (Excuse….I know….I’m hanging my head in shame as I type!)

I guess there is a dvd in this program that everyone dreads….YogaX happens to be it for me. All I can do is try my best (and forget the rest…..hahaha…sorry….had to do it!), stick with it the whole 90 mins and at the very least continue doing my shorter daily yoga sessions to increase my flexibility and improve my balance.

Today I made it through the warm up section before the vinayasas and the first 5 balance poses before my son kept calling me into his room and I gave up. My plan for tomorrow is to at least do the Patience Yoga from Tony’s One on One series as soon as both kids get on the bus. Legs & Back plus Ab Ripper 200 will be done at night after the kids go to bed.

Wish me luck!

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