End of INSANITY Week 1

Well….I did it! I survived week 1 of INSANITY. That’s right, I’m still breathing, still walking and still able to move! Ha! Take that Shaun T!

*To celebrate my achievement I purchased the items in the photo as a gift for myself at the Beachbody Game Plan Tour today in Brooklyn.

Day 4 – Cardio Recovery: I would like to rename this workout “Recovery My Ass” or maybe “Quad Killer”. I don’t know who Shaun T thinks he’s kidding, but this is no recovery workout. I felt more discomfort in this than the others because of how long you had to hold the poses and then pulse on top of it. Don’t be fouled people…this is no typical recovery! Lesson of the Day: Don’t go up and down stairs right after Cardio Recovery. Stairs + jello legs = falling on your butt.

Day 5 – Pure Cardio: This workout and I have met before in the past. It’s the typical INSANITY warm-up that’s you’ve come to know and dislike followed by 15 minutes of puke-tastic cardio that will leave you dripping with sweat and begging for your mommy! Lesson of the Day: “That sh*t was BA-nana’s, yo!”

Day 6 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit: I already wrote about this one since I did it on Tuesday. I did this workout late tonight after coming home from the Beachbody Game Plan Event and I was surprised that I’m getting better at it. I’m not as winded after the warm-up, I’m getting lower in my stretches and as I learn the routine I’m flowing easier. I also noticed that I’m fine as long as I don’t stop. Stopping seems to be the kiss of death! Lesson of the Day: Don’t wear a t-shirt to do INSANITY workouts unless you are truly insane and want to sweat your last braincell out. Stick to tank tops, sports bras or no shirt if your a guy.

Day 7 – A day of rest: Thank you lord.

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