and the results are…..

Believe it or not 2 weeks of INSANITY are in the books, which means that this morning was Fit Test #2. I pushed myself really hard because I had to beat my own numbers from the first test. I was quite successful in doing that with all of the moves except for those dreaded Globe Jumps. They are hands down my least favorite along with Power Jumps….pure evil!

So, here is what you really came here to see…..The Results of Fit Test #2:

Here is a link to my First Fit Test Results if you missed them.

Overall here are my improvements:

Switch Kicks:     +5
Power Jacks:     +6
Power Knees:    +18
Power Jumps:    +4
Globe Jumps:       0
Suicide Jumps:  +2
Push-Up Jacks: +7
Low Plank Obliques: +6

I’m very pleased with my improvement in only 2 short weeks. I was a little upset during Low Plank Obliques because my arms became tired before my legs or obliques did and I could have went longer. Also Power Jumps followed by Globe Jumps are just sheer torture. I know I could do more Suicide Jumps if I wasn’t coming right off the previous two.

Here to another 2 weeks of digging deep, cause this sh*ts bananas yo!

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2 responses to “and the results are…..

  1. Michael

    Nikki great job! Way to improve your numbers.

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