Hortizontal Movie Watching at AMC Dine-In Theaters

Last night I was able to experience the new AMC Dine-In Theater at our local mall during a special “blogger preview”.  I went as a guest of my friend, Melysa, and we met up with “ComplicatedMama” and “MrComplicated” (a truly adorable couple) for a night of “horizontal movie watching”.

Normally I do not blog about stuff like this, however I love going to the movies and I know how it can truly mess up a persons “diet”. I felt that this was an interesting approach to movie/date night and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I would share.

So here’s how the AMC Dine-In Experience works:

1. Select your movie, showtime and reserved seating preference.
2. Price includes your movie ticket plus an experience upcharge. ($10 for Fork and Screen/ $15 for CinemaSuites
3. Menus are available at your seat. Press the call button and a server will arrive to take your order.
4. Relax and enjoy the movie while you dine at your seat. If you need anything else, simply press the call button.
5. The server will deliver your check before the end of the film. A portion of the bill, up to the total of the experience charge will be deducted from your bill.

Sweet! Right?! I thought so….

Upon entering the newly renovated theater you are greeted by a bar and lounge area, all with a  very nice modern theme. (Forgive the photos, they were taken with my iPod Touch)

To start our special “blogger preview”, we were taken on a tour of the two different types of theaters that they offer and our guide explained how everything works :

A more casual dining experience featuring seat-side service and reserved seating. There is a $10.00 experience fee in addition to the regular movie admission, which is then deducted from your bill once you place your food or drink order.

*Guests must be 18 years or older to enter this theater. If they are not, they must be accompanied by an adult.

The menu includes a variety of items from starters (buffalo wings and onions rings) to entrees (pasta, burgers and quesadillas) as well as dessert, alcoholic beverages and all over your standard movie concessions (popcorn and candy).

To view the Fork and Screen menu on-line Click Here

I was surprised to see that they did have some “healthy offerings” such as a Fresh Fruit Salad and Lime Chicken Griller, which were marked with a heart symbol on the menu.

Next up on the tour, we were taken to theater where our experience would be taking place…dinner and INCEPTION!

An upscale theater experience equipped with luxury recliners. It also features eat-side service and reserved seating. There is a $15.00 experience fee in addition to the regular movie admission, which is then deducted from your bill once you place your food or drink order.

*Guests must be 21 years or older in order to enter this theater.

It has the same menu selections as the Fork and Screen with the addition of a premium menu insert, which includes items such as Blackened Salmon, Lobster Ravioli and Tenderloin Steak Tips.
To view the CinemaSuites Menu on-line click here.

You also receive a small cup of gourmet caramel popcorn when you choose the CinemaSuites as your experience. (aka ComplicatedPopcorn)

There is approximately 9ft of distance between each row and the theater is not keep dark, like a traditional theater. They want it to have a feeling as if you were watching a movie on your couch at home with your friends.

We picked our seats, got ourselves comfy and began flipping through the menu. Shortly, our server came over and introduced herself as Dre, (with a line over the e) – her words….not mine!

The food was ok…I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t anything phenomenal. I don’t know if it is because the staff is still training or if it will always be that way. It was traditional, overly greasy food that you receive from places like Friday and Applebee’s. I’ll admit I did NOT order one of the Healthy Options (I know…bad coach).

We ordered onion rings and loaded potato skins to share and I ordered the Chicken Fajita Wrap as my entree. The onion rings were really good but the potato skins were way to greasy to me and I couldn’t eat them. The wrap was good but there was a lot of cheese on it, so after a few bites I was satisfied and finished.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend “horizontal movie watching” to everyone. It was nice to be super comfy while watching a film, having someone come to refill my beverage anytime it looked almost empty and I love the fact that you have to be 21 years or older to enter the CinemaSuites. I do not get go for Date Nights often and when I do, it’s nice to know that my night will not be ruined by obnoxious teenages or children who won’t sit still.

Here are some photo’s from our night:

Thanks to Melysa for inviting me and ComplicatedMama for making me laugh! Excuse me ma’am….We R Who We R!

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