Two-A-Days….Wait. What?

The warm temps we are experiencing here on the East Coast, are a great reminder that summer is right around the corner!

All too soon it will be shorts and tank tops everyday, not to mention the dreaded bathing suit (gasp) and I want to be comfortable in them.

For way too long I was self conscience and unable to wear the things I really wanted to. This year….I know I have control of that and I am going to seize the moment! It’s time to kick things up a notch and I have decided that for at least the next week, I will be doing two-a-days.


I will be doing my ChaLEAN Extreme weight workouts three times a week (Go heavy or go home), Insanity twice a week (Dig deep) and a yoga or stretch workout everyday to improve my flexibility (Namaste).

Now, I would love to get out and walk or run more, but this is prime allergy season and I don’t know how well that will work out for me. I’m pretty good at improvising but I plan on sticking to above schedule for at least a week. (I’ve already made it thru 1.5 days so it shouldn’t be THAT hard).

Nutrition has been pretty good for me. Of course I had my stumbling points with Easter candy and a small Coldstone ice cream binge, but I’ve recovered.

So….let the two-a-days begin! I’ll see you all in a week…..with a possible Vlog!

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