Spring Is In The Air

This week we had a fabulous taste of spring and of course, we headed to the park!

I love that we have an amazing a recreation center right near our house. It is home to the fitness trail that I have blogged about many times and there are great playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields, as well as roller hockey rinks, basketball and tennis courts.

At first I was looking forward to heading out on my own to walk/jog the fitness trail, but then my husband received a phone call from his cousin who was there and looking to play basketball. We decided to head over there so they could shoot some hoops and I took our son to the playground to burn some energy and get some fresh air.

Upon our arrival, I was surprised at how empty it was since it was such a gorgeous night, but I was so happy. An empty playground means that I can be a big kid on they play equipment with my son instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching him. We giggled, chased each other and went down the slides together despite the sign that says the playground is for ages 5-12 I’m such a rebel!

After about an hour of playground fun, followed by a quick drive to pick up my daughter from a friends house, we headed to the basketball courts to meet up with the hubs and his cousin. The kids and I started playing around with them and really had a good time.

It was a fun night of fresh air, some exercise and most importantly…family time. I look forward to more nights spent at the rec center…be it taking a walk, shooting hoops or playing on the playground, I’m happy we can be active and have fun as a family.

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