Halter Tops, Sundresses and Swimsuits…. Oh My!

This week I spent some time shopping and it became very clear that warm weather is on it’s way. Despite the frigid temps outside, many stores already have the swimsuit section all set up and cute little summer dresses and sleeveless tops on display. There were even racks of shorts and the shoe department had the sandals all lined up.

Are you ready to face to skimpy clothing of summer? If not, the good news is you have some time to prepare yourself!

I know it’s hard to think about things like this when you’re still wearing layouts of clothing, but pretty soon, you  won’t be able to hide under those layers  anymore.

Here’s a quick workout to get your arms ready for the sleeveless, spaghetti strap styles that summer has to offer:

Tank Top Ready Arms

Your fitness level will decide what weights you use for the bicep curls. You want to use a weight that isn’t too heavy since you are doing 30 reps, but you want to make sure that it’s heavy enough that those last few reps feels impossible. Another option would be to do two rounds of this, but split the bicep curls in half for each round, choosing a heavy weight to max out your reps by 15.

Notice the planks in there? They not only tighten and strengthen your core, but they help you to develop sexy shoulders. Gotta love moves that target more than one area!

Start doing this now and you will have toner, tighter, stronger looking arms and shoulders in time for the summer heat up.

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