Workout Gear On A Budget

I don’t know about you, but money is always tight in this house.

My biggest fitness splurge to date, are my Brooks Glycerin 10 sneakers which I LOVE! I purchased them last year while picking up my race packet for The Color Run and while I cried as I forked over the cash for them, they were worth every penny. I think if you can only choose one item to splurge one, running shoes should be that item.

Now my daily fitness attire is another story. Because I need enough clothing to support my daily fitness activities, I need them to be cost effective. When I was just doing P90X or Insanity, I wore tank top and shorts that I already owned. I didn’t care if I matched, because I was in my own living-room. My biggest worry was a sports bra for Plyometrics workouts. Since I started running, I’ve had to think about different types of gear. An arm band for my phone, the type of socks I wear, moisture wicking shirts, compression pants and different types of jackets for the different types of weather I’d encounter, as someone who runs outdoors.

When I asked for recommendations, many people said Lululemon, which is completely out of my budget. (I do like to “window shop” on their site, in case I ever hit the lotto, which I rarely remember to play.)

I had looked at Under Armor, Nike, New Balance and other brands at Sports Authority, but most of them were also pushing the ever shrinking limits of my budget, too.

Thankfully, I discovered Old Navy’s Active line!


It’s truly been a budget life saver and I adore the colors and styles they offer. I have quite a few of the t-shirts, tank tops and compression pants. I even recently picked up the compression jacket shown above, on clearance and used some Old Navy cash, to get a nice haul for very little money.

I was really skeptical when I first tried the t-shirts. I wasn’t sure how they would hold up during washing, and my gear is used often, so it’s washed a lot. To my surprise they held up great and I haven’t seen any signs of shrinking or fading. (which is amazing because I sometimes forget to double check the recommended washing techniques.)

There honestly isn’t an article of clothing I’ve purchased from the Active GoDry line, that I don’t like. The compression pants were my favorite piece of gear when it was cold out. They never rode up or slipped as I ran, which drove me crazy with a pair I purchased prior. The bubble tanks (like the black one on the top left, in the photo above) are adorable and add a little of fun to workout gear. I snagged a few of those in some bright colors on clearance and I can’t wait to wear them now that the weather is warming up.

Do you have a favorite, budget friendly place to buy your workout gear?

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(This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any kind of compensation from Old Navy for this post. I’m just simply sharing something that I like.)


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4 responses to “Workout Gear On A Budget

  1. Shopping for gear is a tricky thing…especially when on a budget. I concur the Old Navy Active line is great for women. My only selection is weak. But I’m sure that has to do with the fact that men don’t shop as much as women.

    I would also recommend the C9 gear at Target. Depending on the season you can really pick up some great pieces. Currently the winter gear is on sale. So you can stock up for next winter. Also make sure to take out the sunday sales. One can score big time that way.

    Now I will purchase my Nike gear. For my running stuff I hit the Nike Outlets. There I’m sure to find some quality items. But, keep it mind it’s a hit or miss event. Also if you have those awesome brooks check out DSW stores. Sometimes you might find last years model on sale. Make sure to test drive them first to make sure they fit.

    Just some of my own tips and tricks.



    • Thanks for the tips Abe! I noticed Old Navy didn’t seem to have as much for men, but most of the guys I know are pretty low maintenance :)

      I only have two pieces from Target’s C9 line, I actually picked them up the other day really cheap. I found an obnoxiously bright orange tee that will be perfect for night runs.

      Great tip on shopping outlets for clearance stuff…idk why I didn’t think to do that while I was at the outlets last weekend. I’ll have to take another drive to see what I can score. I have Nike, Reebok and Under Armour at my local one.

      • My pleasure. :)

        I must be an exception to the male fitness population lol. I’m by no means low maintenance. I do have an addiction to running jackets. Yes I can admit that lol.

        Glad you found some a great deal at Target. #Winning :)

        Have a super Friday. :)

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