Holy Sh!t….I’m A Certified Personal Trainer!

Back in November I was on cloud nine when I decided to finally sign up for a course through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to become a personal trainer. When my books arrived, I couldn’t wait to crack them open. First week of class, I enjoyed studying and answering questions. Second week, I realized I was in over my head and began to panic. Things steadily began to declined from there with my studies. Each week I felt a little more lost and a little less confidence in myself. My on-line program ended in February and I should have taken my test then, but I had zero confidence and decided to take a few weeks for mental health, then study some more and take the test. Well, weeks turned into months and before I knew it, I had to pick up my book and study my ass off, if I was going to pass. I scheduled the test, studied like a maniac and said a prayer before entering the exam room on Tuesday.

As I sat there answering those 120 questions, I felt confident in some and unsure of others. I flagged, I reviewed, I reviewed again and I finally hit submit before going into the office and waiting for the results…..Pass or Fail. After what seemed like an eternity I got a thumbs up from the woman behind the computer and I felt all of the stress melt away in that instance. After 6 long months of studying, crying, throwing my books into the corner and stong away saying  “I can’t do this”, I am now a NASM Certified Personal trainer!!

NASM Certified

This smile was on my face the entire day!

I know this is old news since I shouted it from the roof-tops on Tuesday, but I felt I needed to post it here too. I learned a lesson from this experience…I am way too hard on myself, I need to have more confidence in myself and most importantly…I can ANYTHING I set my mind to!

Oh…and if you’re preparing to take your exam, make sure you show up looking presentable. I had no idea that they would be taking a photo of me before entering the exam room and I had just ran to the test in the rain. Thankfully it wasn’t busy and the woman let me run to the bathroom to fix myself a little bit first.

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2 responses to “Holy Sh!t….I’m A Certified Personal Trainer!

  1. Congratulations! You’ve learned some lessons from life, others through books, but I know you will be well-equipped to help a lot of people.

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