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What I Wore {Shopping & A Wedding}

Yesterday I took a shopping trip up to Target. I’ve been there a few times over the past 2 weeks and I’ve found myself drawn to the spring dresses they have on the racks. While there, I grabbed the Jason Wu dress I have on in the photo below, along with a few other spring dresses, a shirt and a bathing suit (GASP!).

I’ve noticed that I am finally used to grabbing the proper size from the rack for myself. I used to always grab a larger size and I think that as I become more comfortable in my new skin, the reality of my actual size is setting in.

This is me in the fitting with the Jason Wu dress on. As cute as it was, it didn’t fit right and this was the ONLY one left.

After my shopping trip at Target, I had a wedding to get ready for. I always hate getting for weddings, especially when I am unsure of the type of place it is. I knew it was a casual event but I never want to go somewhere and be overdressed or under dressed. I am a fan of blending in with the crowd since I don’t handle attention well. After trying on multiple options, this is what I decided to go with:

Teal Dress: Old Navy (Last year), Zebra sweater: Charlotte Russe (Last Year), Shoes: Madden Girl

Close up of sweater and dress

Close-up of my shoes…which are heels…nothing crazy, but they are heels.
(I also love that the weather is warming up and my tattoo can see the light of day again.) 

I have to admit, I’ve had fun putting more effort into getting dressed. I’ve even had fun trying things on…including the bathing suit which was a pleasant surprise. Tapping into a new side of myself is proving to be enjoyable, and I look forward to making more strides in self acceptance.

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What I Wore Today {A Taste of Spring}

Today we had a nice taste of spring weather … it was 74 degrees this afternoon! As a result, I decided to actually change out of my gross work clothes before running errands. I opted for one of the girlier shirts I purchased last year, it has ruffles and flowers on it…GASP!

Floral Shirt: Forever 21 (last year)
Jeans: H&M
Sweater: Target (You’ll see it on my a lot…it’s comfy)

Close up of my shirt…it might be the “girliest” thing I own.

I gotta stay true to who I am….Chucks on muh feet!

 I’m actually looking forward to buying new clothes for the spring and summer this year…and becoming a little more girlie in the process.

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Trying Something New

Recently, a few of the ladies I follow on twitter have been doing a “What I Wore” blog each day and I found myself enjoying it and wanting to participate. The issue? a) I didn’t feel my blog was built for posts like that and b) well…I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.

I started thinking about these two things and I realized that there is no reason why I can’t dress “cute” every now and then. Most times I’m headed to work and I don’t wear anything good to go there as it would just get ruined. However, if I go out to run errands at night or on my day off, I can put a little effort into my attire. The other thing I started thinking about was that I can fit that kind of stuff into my blog. It’s part of my journey and I am able to fit into clothes I like now because I have busted my butt and lost all of the weight I felt I always needed to cover up under baggy, shapeless clothing and sweaters.

So, here are three outfits I wore this week. I seem to be attracted to stripes lately (probably because overweight people and stripes were always a no-no). I’m taking baby steps with this stuff and to be honest, the victory is in the fact that I’m not wearing a sports or Star Wars t-shirt.

I wore this Saturday night to a neighbors house for a get together.

Animal Print Shirt from Forever 21 purchased 2-years ago
Black cardigan from Target purchased this year
I wore a pair of dark wash jeans and boots with this. 

I wore this on Sunday to go grocery shopping.

Striped shirt – purchased at Target last week.
Grey sweater – purchased at Target a few months ago.
Jeans from Charlotte Russe purchased last year.
Shoes which you can’t see are a pair of grey Converse (my favorites) 

Yesterday outfit was worn to do some training at work, for a trip the mall and lunch with my husband.

V-neck t-shirt from Target – purchased this year.
Striped sweater from Target – purchased the other day.
White scarf – purchased at Five Below
Jeans from H&M – given to me by a friend to serve as goal jeans (they sat on a shelf in my closet for a long time!)

Purse – I believe I bought that at Target 3 years ago. 
Shoes – which you can’t see are a pair of UGGS – I know, I know…they’re comfy and it was chilly so get over it! 

Here you have it….my attempts at putting some effort into my attire. To some, this is super casual but to me, it’s slightly out of my junior high school boy comfort zone. Maybe some day you will see a major pop of color, a skirt and some heels….but don’t hold your breath on that one.

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 A special thank you to Jac, Beth and Amy for inspiring me to put forth a little effort. It’s time I realize I don’t have to hide behind clothing and I can use it to show off all of my hard work.

P.S. – I have no idea why some of my captions wouldn’t center on this post. All of my setting seem correct on here, but I’m late for work and can’t fight with it anymore. Sorry.


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