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A Fun Family Weekend

This past weekend was Father’s Day weekend and I must say, it was really nice.

Saturday, the hubs had to work and the little man had a birthday party to attend, but that night we attended a local festival. Our town hosts this large shindig every year in our local recreation center (the same one where my beloved trail is). They have tons of food trucks, different vendors, live entertainment and then a field full of inflatable bounce houses and slides for the kids. They also have a bungee type jump and rock climbing wall for the older kids, and they even added a DJ on the basketball courts for the teen crowd this year, which my daughter liked.

My hubs and I both splurged on dinner that night. I decided to have a Philly cheese-steak and he had sausage and peppers. If you’ve been to a fair or festival, you know how awesome they are, despite the price. Stuff like this takes me back to my childhood in Brooklyn at our annual festival, and I’m a fan of trips down memory lane.

Remember kids…it okay to eat stuff you like that isn’t 100% healthy from time to time. Just don’t turn it into a daily habit!

The night was spent watching our son bounce, slide and make friends with the animals in the petting-zoo. Once it got dark, we found our daughter, grabbed a sweet treat and headed over to pick a spot to watch the fireworks before heading home. There is something about ice-cream and fireworks that just summer, right?

Petting zoo

Family minus one

Father’s Day was spent at home in our yard.

I woke up early, ran to the grocery store for some fresh baked rolls for lunch and then I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some daddy treats and coffee. I skipped the donuts but I did treat myself to a warm bagel. I have a weakness for the little nutritional black holes….especially when they are hot out of the oven. (I know, there is much healthy going on in this post, we’re human…like you.)

We thankfully had really nice weather and just enjoyed sitting outside, grilling and having fun. We had yummy burgers for lunch and dinner was grilled cilantro lime chicken and grilled corn, tossed with over roasted potatoes, onions, peppers and hot sausage. It was another experiment and turned out really good! I actually can’t wait to make it again, since it was super easy and flavorful.

Because donuts aren’t bad enough, I made a cake. A cake surrounded by Kit-Kat’s and topped with M&M’s. (I know…what the hell…but dad’s deserve treats…plus I blame Pinterest!) I spent the entire afternoon telling the kids, my husband and my mother to quit trying to steal M&M’s off the cake. It was exhausting, but so worth it!

Dad's Run on Dunkin

Super Dad


Yesterday was hubs day off from work, so he and I headed to the movies to see Man of Steel, which he has been dying to see all weekend. We went to an IMAX theater to see it, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I really liked the way they told the story, and Henry Cavill really brought Superman/Clark Kent to life for me. Michael Shannon was excellent as Zod and I was surprised that I liked Russell Crowe as Jor-El. My biggest gripe was the length of the film…too long! Hollywood really needs to quit making movies that are 2.5 hours and longer. First off, they are a day killer. The movie started at 12:45 and we didn’t get out until almost 4pm…I don’t have time for that. Second, movie theater drinks are HUGE and my bladder is small. If I get up to use the bathroom, I’ll miss part of the movie. As a result, I sit there with a full bladder, squirming around waiting for the movie to end. THIS is why I can’t wait to see Monsters University, Despicable Me 2 and TURBO. Kid movies are always a normal length and they are bladder friendly!

Monsters University ID


Well…I hope I didn’t bore you to death with my weekend and I hope you enjoyed yours! Did you do anything fun? Have you seen any good movies lately? Looking forward to anything coming out soon?

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Family Movie Night….Holiday Time!

Grinch QuoteThanksgiving is always the official holiday kick-off here. As I shared before, it’s when we put up our tree and start decorating the house. It is also when we all start wanting to watch holiday movies.

The first holiday movie we watch every year, is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is my all time favorite, so I love that we can start watching it before Halloween arrives!

This year, my daughter requested a family movie night. She thought it would be fun if every night, until Christmas, we all sat together and watched a holiday favorite. I really liked this idea, especially because people are usually so busy and hectic during the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year.

So…..Family Movie Time was born! We don’t watch a full length movie every night, but rather a Christmas special. We have tons of them on DVD and this time of year, they are always on TV which makes it easy.

We started off with our favorites, like A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty and one of my favorites, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original Grinch, not the abomination with Jim Carrey….shudder).

Last night, ABC Family kicked off their holiday movie countdown with another favorite of mine…. ELF! If you have never seen it, please stop depriving yourself of humor and laughter….go watch it now! No really…go, this blog will still be here when you’re done.


Another family favorite of ours is the Polar Express. While I sometimes find the computer animation of the characters a little creepy, I love the story and the soundtrack of this movie. I think it covers a great topic, especially for the age of my children. Do you believe or are you a doubter? Hot chocolate is must have while watching this holiday favorite.

As the holiday quickly creeps up on our family, I look forward to a little unplugged time with the kids and Christmas classics like, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Muppets Christmas Carol, Mickey’s Christmas Carol and many, many more.

Next up on our traditions list? Holiday baking!

Do you have a favorite holiday movie or family tradition?

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