Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse Results!

Well the torture cleanse is over and I survived it! I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to get to my cup of coffee and I had been dreaming of a southwest style breakfast burrito! Before I could get to that I had business to attend to. I had to weigh in and take my measurements.

First on the agenda was the scale…..lost another 1.5 (darn that extra banana I had yesterday). for a total of 5.5 pounds lost in 3 days! Next were the measurements…I took 3 measurements before I started. One at the belly button, then 2 inches above and 2 inches below. I lost a little more than an inch off each which gave me a loss of 3.5 inches total over the course of 3 days.

Overall I am pretty impressed with the cleanse. Day 1 was an absolute killer and if you drink a lot of coffee everyday it is going to be VERY difficult. Day 2 was much easier but that could be because I was off from work. Day 3 was a breeze and it was a busy day for me. The energy jolt at bedtime was a bit of a killer though…I ended up being awake until after 1am but I woke up feeling great and I wasn’t hungry at all!

The not being hungry part this morning was great and crappy at the same time. It was great that my body seemed to have finally adjusted to the cleanse but it was crappy because I was now able to eat food and I wanted that burrito dammit!

When all is said and done the cleanse is something I would be able to do again if needed. I am hoping to move onto eating cleaner now but I am going to do it in baby steps. I’ve found that whenever I jump into things I just get frustrated and burn out. As I have over this year long  journey I will tweek things gradually until I form a habit. So far cutting back caffeine, sugar and carbs has been a major success, there is no reason why I can’t do clean eating as well!

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3 responses to “Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse Results!

  1. tabbenedict

    Very cool. :) What the heck was I doing that I missed this?! Love it!!!!

  2. mandy

    Do the inches stay off even after the cleanse if u eat healthy

    • Yes! Like with anything, as long as you continue to eat healthy you will not see the inches creep back on. The cleanse helps to rid your body of toxins, so as long as you don’t reintroduce them to your system you will be good to go.

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