Day 2 Plyometrics….The Mother!

Tonight was Plyometrics night (Plyo)….also known as “The Mother” workout of P90X. Since I did the LEAN version of the program last time I never came face to face with this particular DVD. I had heard stories about it and my favorite nickname was “The Devils Dance”.  IF I had never been introduced to Shaun T and the INSANITY workout I would agree with that nickname, however I met a wilder beast first so Plyo’s bark was much worse than it’s bite! As a matter of fact many people say Insanity is Plyo on crack and they are right! After doing some of Insanity, Plyo seemed like it just had one too many cups of coffee – no where near the hit of speed Insanity dropped.

Overall I loved it! It is an amazing, solid workout that is gonna get your heart rate up, gonna push you to do your best and burn a ton of calories! As Tony says in it, “you can do anything for 30 seconds” and he is right. It’s all mind over matter! I was sweating like crazy and burned roughly 812 calories BUT what I loved the most was I could still function at the end of the 60 mins. I didn’t feel like I was going to die or lay in my own puddle of sweat for an hour tweeting. Yes, after my first encounter with Insanity Plyometric Circuit that’s what happened. No, it’s not a proud moment in my fitness journey BUT it happened…and I was able to laugh about it as I laid gasping for air.

Sooooo……Plyo rocks in my book! I think I was missing out by doing the LEAN version of P90X my first round! This could become one of my favorite workouts….maybe….I’ll have to do it again to know for sure.

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