I May Not Be A Superhero But I Can KICK-ASS!

The other night I watched the movie KICK-ASS and for some odd reason the character HIT-GIRL inspired me. I know…weird…she’s like 10 or 11yrs old but she was killer…literally! I just loved the focused attitude, lack of fear and confidence she had. I would have loved to have had a character like her to look up when I was a kid instead of Barbie…bleh!

KICK-ASS also had a killer soundtrack that made me wanna be active. I downloaded it last night and totally felt like working out while listening to it.

So…somehow a movie based on a comic book managed to re-motivate me. Last night I did Kenpo followed by Chest & Back done Crossift style and I also did Ab Ripper 200. This morning I woke up and did some 10 Minute Trainer Yoga followed by Plyometrics and then did the fitness trail with my neighbor. I know…it sounds like a lot and I will be achy but getting back on track is worth it me. I needed to find that focus and confidence that I lost when I couldn’t complete Insanity. (Plus I scheduled a 60 minute Deep Tissue massage for tonight….ahhhhh….can’t wait!)

I’ve realized how strong I have become mentally as well as physically. I have come so far in this journey and I am happy I found some inspiration to keep pushing. I can’t let the fact that I failed at a program set me back. Mentally I totally could have stuck with Insanity….but it’s the physical limitation that got me. I have to accept that I need to work harder and now I have new goal to work towards.

Between my Ninja Master SarahRocks!, Hit-Girl, my psycho buddy Pascal and all of the wonderful Beachbody Coaches I have met on Twitter I am sure I will reach my goals and KICK-ASS along the way!

Check out Hit-Girl in action HERE

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3 responses to “I May Not Be A Superhero But I Can KICK-ASS!

  1. Awww! I get a shout out! Recognize! =P Dude, don’t be sad about not finishing insanity. It took me MONTHS to get back on track after my first round of p90x. I know how you feel because it is like taking a jab to the self esteem and drive when you feel you need to stop something that you really feel you can get through but you’re just acting like a wimp. But you’re not a wimp!! YOU deffo not and I had to revisit that with myself too. You’re doing a lot as is and you’re gonna be ready to BLAST through Insanity And P90X and whatever else you add to that crazy routine in no time flat! I’m glad you found your inspiration again. =] Sometimes a superhero needs to look up to another superhero like Hit-Girl for guidance. ;D (Yeah, that’s right, I just called you a super-hero and what?!) =P Keep going! This is for LIFE so you’re gonna get there. My secret is to think of it as one day of a time instead of an overall entire cycle. Without that simple mentality I wouldn’t of made it to 3 weeks in the hybrid and counting. =] Keep up the awesome work! You know what you’re doing and you’re doing it well! That’s why if there’s anyone I’d come to for guidance you’re deffo it, bucko! =D

    • Sarah….I honestly Love ya! You are one of the most real, down to earth, kick ass people I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I am so happy we inspire each other – together I think we can totally conquer the world! Thank you! Truly!

      • Awww, shucks! I’m glad we inspire each other too! Our bonding over crazy fitness routines is what love is all about! =P

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