Happy Birthday To The New Me!

This year for my birthday I celebrated the new me! This is Me 2.0 and I am now ready to kick ass! Granted Me 2.0 still has a few glitches…I tend to forget the I am the one who has changed, not those around me…but I’m adjusting to my new programming.

Things were a little different this year as I spent my birthday alone for the first time ever…. Well, I had my two kids with me in the morning but then my awesome father-in-law took them fishing for the day so I could go out for my birthday and not worry about them.

I spent my time alone shopping for some much needed new clothing since Me 2.0 is a slimmer design. I tried on tons of new items and actually liked what I saw in the mirror (SHOCKING). This time I managed to pick out the proper size instead of reaching for the larger ones first. I also tried to step out of the box a bit and go for some “not so me” type of items like the hot halter top I bought.

Now, I wont lie….I spent most of day upset that I was alone.  I ran every emotion known to man kind and almost overloaded my circuits. Thankfully I had quite a few texts throughout the day that made me smile, literally LOL and make me realize that I could still make the best of things and have fun.

So yes, I spent my birthday alone and dinner was a slice of pizza by myself. There was no singing of happy birthday or a cake with family. Yes, it bothered me A LOT! But on the up side I got to spend time with me, and I felt comfortable with that. I think for the first time I truly saw the new me in the mirror and I kinda like her!

I figured the night would end with me hanging out alone with a movie and all my new clothes, maybe give myself a pedicure or something, but after the kiddies returned home and they were tucked into bed I headed across the street to my neighbors. When I got there I received the best surprise…..a cupcake! Not just any cupcake though…this one had a candle on it…and they sang happy birthday to me! It was a small gesture but it meant more to me than they know. Thanks neighbor!

So here’s to Me 2.0! I hope you like the new programming as much as I do…cause there’s no backing out of this upgrade!

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