Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

….we have never had a great relationship have we?

I have never looked at you and seen something that made me smile. Ok, maybe on my wedding day I did….I looked pretty darn good that day despite being chubby although it could have been the fact I was tan….hmmmm. Anyway….

I have worked my tail off for the past year and despite all of the compliments I have received, all the clothes I have had to give away because they were now too big I never saw it….until NOW.

I seem to have made a mental break through. I now see the new me. The smaller me. The fabulous me. And you know what? I gotta say……I kinda rock!

For the past year my body has gone through major changes but my mind…well….it was stuck. It was stuck on an image I had looked at in the mirror for years. An image of an overweight, unhappy person who wanted to change. A person who wanted to be seen for who she was on the inside. A person who wanted to shop in all of the trendy cool stores dammit!

Now….I am that person. Thanks to all of the hard work, sweat and discipline I am no longer overweight and unhappy because of it. I can shop in any store I want with out having to worry about what the largest size they stock is. I am no longer over looked….heck I am now looked at more often than I am comfortable with.

Of course, I will admit I still have my hang ups. Um, I’m human AND female therefore something will always bug me…that’s life and hopefully I will get over those trivial things.

And if I asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? I am pretty sure it would say that I am. Because I am now proud to stand in front of the mirror…the same mirror that taunted me for so many years and say….I am beautiful.

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2 responses to “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

  1. tabbenedict

    VERY GOOD!!!! :) You ARE beautiful!!!!

    • This post ties in wonderfully with that conversation we were all having on Sunday. I’m a work in progress who is starting to see the horizon thru the fog.

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