Drama + Haters = Fuel for the Fire

Everyone has drama in their lives at one point of another. Some of us are blessed with it more often then others (that is total sarcasm in case you didn’t know).

I often walk through life wondering if I do anything right. I can never seem to make everyone happy. I always do something to piss someone off and most recently my fitness achievements have made me a hated person amongst certain circles of people – there is nothing worse than walking through a room and feeling a giant target on your back!

However, I have learned to turn that drama and target on my back into fuel for my fire. Instead of getting worked up over it and saying things that can’t change the way another person thinks I unleash my fury in my workouts. The more someone says I am crazy for doing the workouts I do, or refuse to give me credit for the work I have done the more it makes me want to succeed and show them how wrong they are.

Instead of sitting around moping over a disagreement or some new drama that has cropped up I do Kenpo or grab my sneakers and hit the trail. Both help me to clear my mind, keep a level head and improve myself in the process. It also helps me to realize that the important part is that I am happy!

I am finally reaching a point in my life where I am putting myself first. I am surrounding myself with positive people. I am realizing that I CAN’T make everyone happy…that is impossible without completely losing yourself. I am doing everything possible to ensure that I reach my goals and do the things in life that I want to do. I can’t stop drama from entering my life or make people respect the life choices that I have made but I can certainly turn those things into fuel for my fire and reach my goals and most importantly achieve self happiness.

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9 responses to “Drama + Haters = Fuel for the Fire

  1. AWESOME Blog entry! And SO true. Good advice!

  2. Hi Nicole, I love this post! You should be very proud of yourself for finally realizing that you can’t make everyone happy, nor should you even try. The only person that matters is yourself. People get insecure and twisted when they see one of their friends on a mission to accomplish something that they have no intentions of doing or even trying so it makes them squirm and then they try to discredit your accomplishments for selfish reasons. It has nothing to do with you. You should take it as a compliment! The fact that you are able to channel your energies in the right place instead of sucumbing to drama means you have made yourself a priority. I agree it is important to surround yourself with positive people and I’m glad to know you! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Maria! I am so glad I met you as well….thank you for keeping me challenged with your Facebook pages! They have helped me a lot the past 2 months!

  3. Nic,

    I think you’re spot on with your evaluation of things. It’s hard when you want to help people (even just in general), and in the process, people you associate with end up disapproving of something in your life, or something you’ve done or not done for them. *That* seems like the circle of like sometimes, you know?

    However, it’s been my understanding that it was never my job to please anybody. Life doesn’t seem to be about providing such things to others. It seems we’re here on this earth to be in service to one another, even in ways those others may not be aware of.

    One of those ways is keeping ourselves in top physical and mental shape so that we can *continue* to be around for others to be support and from which we can receive support. My journey in fitness and weight loss was viewed as follows: excitement at my excitement, excitement at my unwavering, excitement at my results, excitement at my new-found desire to inspire others, excitement at further achievements, irritation at my apparent obsession, frustration at my continued success, jealousy.

    It was amazing how the crowd so easily can turn on someone for their hard work. More often than not, that change in attitude is simply a genuine jealousy.

    But to sum up, I guess I’ll say this: Being fit and pushing ourselves is firstly about us, the people doing it. And there is nothing wrong with that. Secondly, it’s about our family. If we’re fit, we live longer and we live better – and that directly affects our families. Thirdly, it ‘s about everyone else we come in contact with.

    You keep up that good work, Nic. All you have to do is look in the mirror, or go back through all your old photos and see the journey. See every ounce of knowledge you’ve gained. You’re better off after all this hard work, and what’s more, you know it…and you’re not done! :)

    • You Nate are spot on! You are correct in your statement that it is not our job to please anybody else, however I think so many of us put that responsibility on ourselves. I am happy I have recently lifted that unnecessary burden from my shoulders. I feel so much lighter and feel like I have more time to tend to the things that really matter. I would like to thank you for always being such a wonderful, positive, funny and uplifting person – I truly admire all of your hard work and dedication.

      • It’s funny, we really do thrown that unnecessary weight on ourselves to please others. Glad to see said weight is lifted off your shoulders! :)

        You are very welcome, nic. I’m a firm believer that inspiration begets inspiration! If it wasn’t for the great people by which I am surrounded, such as yourself, I wouldn’t be here encouraging and being encouraged.

        I appreciate your kind words, Nic. Thanks again!

  4. You’re an inspiration!

    P.S. – You are also an awesome writer. Who knew?!

    • Hahaha….I am?! I feel like an awkward moron when I write…lol. Who knew is right! Thanks for checking it out…it means a lot to hear that from a blog diva.

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