I’m a Slacker and Injuries Suck!

Hello boys and girls. My slacking self is back to writing, although I did think about “cheating” with another vlog today. I quickly realized I would need to make sure my room was neat, hair was done, clothes matched and realized it was easier to blog without you seeing what a hot mess I can be!

I am also suffering from an injury which is keeping me from my supplemental booty shaping workout and forcing me to take an actual rest day. *GASP! So I might as well be productive and actually write, right?

As many of you know I have been doing ChaLEAN Extreme which has a catch phrase of “Go heavy or go home”.  Since I already am at home for my workouts I’ve been making sure I go heavy every time for these workouts. The results are already showing and I have quickly graduated to weights that I didn’t think I would ever be using. *insert happy dance here.

During Friday’s workout in the PUSH phase I went heavy for my deadlifts but I think I went a little too heavy and/or a little too low as I felt a “tweak” in my right hamstring. I didn’t think much of it, did a little extra stretching when I was done and went on with life.

Fast forward to Sunday where I was running up the stairs at home and felt a sudden “pop”, then pain, then tightness in my right hamstring. I hobbled my way into my room and knew this wasn’t good. I was instantly scared that I really messed myself up like I did almost a year ago when I had to stop all workouts for 2 months, not cool!

I spent all of Sunday night resting and last night I took a friends advice and bought an Ace bandage. The tightness of it being wrapped was absolutely dreamy.

Today I stretched it out and I must say it is feeling better. I made a promise that I would take it easy and allow it to heal and so far I am keeping to that.

I am jealous of everyone else who is working out because I really want to right now but I need to heal in time for a 5K on September 11th that I signed up for. I also don’t want to end up sitting out on the sidelines for 2 months like I did with my back injury last year. I’ve come way too far to mess up now.

Since I can’t do my workouts I’ve decided to take this time and regain  control of my nutrition which hasn’t been very ideal the past week. *Confession: Last Wednesday night I had cheese fries and only cheese fries for dinner. Not one of my prouder moments.

I have goals that I want to reach with my fitness and I have set dates to reach them by. There is no reason why an injury should set me back when there are other ways I can reach them. It would be easy to use this as an excuse and turn into a lazy couch potato but it’s just not in my nature to do. I’m hoping to maybe do some light cardio on the stationary bike tomorrow – something is better than nothing right?

Basically, the point of this post is that injuries suck. I am not a patient person. I have nutrition issues that need my attention NOW, I am not always camera ready and I needed to get back to writing.

If you have any nutrition tips you would like to share with me please feel free to comment. I could use some protein bar ideas as I am bored with my current ones. Also I love to snack so I would love to hear what your favorite snacks are. Lastly, if you have a recipe to make Greenberry Shakeology taste good I would LOVE to hear it. I have packets of the stuff piling up.

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One response to “I’m a Slacker and Injuries Suck!

  1. Chris

    Missed your post. I understand how u feel about injuries. I came close to injuring my back when I tried P90X One on One Chest, Back & Balls. I didn’t have any fitness or medicine balls so I winged it with a chair and pushup stands. I also tried to be a hero and pushed myself way too hard. I was hurting like crazy the nexy day and worried I’d reinjured myself from last year. But I went easy, used lighter weights, did only as many reps as I felt comfy with and waited it out. It was tough but after a week or so I mended.

    Glad you played it smart, kept at it and are doing better now!

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