A Time For Revenge

Once upon a time, I attempted INSANITY…and I failed miserably.

I knew going in I was  biting off more than I could chew, however, as many of you know I can be very strong willed and thickheaded. I barely finished my last day of P90X and I was already jumping into the INSANITY fit test because everyone else was doing it. (Insert jumping off a bridge joke here)

Surprisingly, I did well on the fit test. The rude awakening came during the first workout….I blocked most of the experience out of my mind but I believe it was Plyo Cardio Circuit. The warm up itself felt like a full workout and Shaun T was absolutely relentless. I tried my best to keep up and by the end of the workout I collapsed in a pool of my own sweat wishing for a bucket to puke in. Thankfully I had my cellphone near me so I was able to Tweet from said pool of sweat about the experience.

The next day was Cardio Power and Resistance. My husband walked by the room and saw me covered in sweat, struggling to keep up and just shook his head at me. By the end of the workout I dragged my sorry self up the stairs and laid in the fetal position in the shower for what felt like eternity. This program was kicking my ass and giving me a reality check. My. Cardio. Sucked.

I made it through the first week of this program wondering why I was doing this….then…..my back decided it couldn’t handle any more and I quickly pulled the brakes on INSANITY.

For a week I did nothing but yoga and stretching everyday in hopes of finding relief for my herniated discs. (This is an old injury and not caused by the program) I also took the time to think about things and I while I hated to admit defeat, I knew it was in the best interest of my body to not continue. This bugged me to no end!

Round 2 of P90X started the following week and I did the Classic version so I would have Plyometrics in the routine. Upon completing that round I started ChaLEAN Extreme and walking/running on a semi regular basis.

I know my cardio is still lacking but I have decided to try my hand at INSANITY again starting on September 27th. I feel I am better prepared for it this time (or at least I hope I am) and I will be doing it with @tmgrant7 since we are good at motivating each other and pushing each other to the next level.

Time for me to seek my revenge, Dig Deep and take my fitness goals to the next level!

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One response to “A Time For Revenge

  1. Chris

    As always, another entertaining post! I remember your failed – I mean first – attempt all too well! U still did better than me! I tried Pure Cardio a couple times and called it a day! I’m planning on exacting my revenge as well, after I get through Turbo Fire.

    I look forward to reading/hearing about your experience and learning whatever tips and tricks I can to make mine easier.

    As always, I’m here to root for and support you. Good luck, and I hope you make it through to e end this time.

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