It’s Fit Test Time!

Happy Halloween boys and girls! I started my day off with a trick that turned out to be a treat. See, today should have been my rest day with INSANITY, (this is the trick part), but I did decided along with a few others in the #insanecrew to do the fit test today, since we have our first Max workout tomorrow. I psyched myself up to expect some lower numbers since my back has been a little “iffy” on power jumps and I was just not really in the mood to workout this morning. It was a rough workout and it left me gasping for air during most of it but I was pleasantly surprised with my numbers (this is the treat part, in case you were wondering).

Enough of my rambling, you just want the numbers….I get it!

Here is a link to the second Fit Test Results if you missed them.

Overall here are my improvements since the first fit test:

Switch Kicks:     +6
Power Jacks:     +8
Power Knees:    +31
Power Jumps:    +6
Globe Jumps:       +1
Suicide Jumps:  +3
Push-Up Jacks: +10
Low Plank Obliques: +8

I am truly shocked as to how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. I might conduct a test on a rest day to see if I can do more Globe Jumps, Suicide Jumps and Push-Up Jacks if do them right after the warm-up. I’m pretty sure I can and it’s just that I’m so tired from the Switch Kicks and Power Jacks to give it my complete all.

Hope everyone has a Spooktacular Halloween! If you need me, I’ll be in the pumpkin patch with my blankie waiting for The Great Pumpkin!

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2 responses to “It’s Fit Test Time!

  1. Zzarana

    Great job! You really rocked the Power Knees!

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