Why Yes, It’s ANOTHER Fit Test!

Fit Test #4 is officially in the books, which means there are only two more weeks of this Insanity madness left! YES!!!!

Month 2 has proven to be a mental uphill battle for me. I can hack most of it physically but mentally, I look at that clock, see 60 mins and I immediately tell myself I can’t do this. I know! I know! I just blogged about how Insanity is 90% mental 10% physical. I know what I have to do, I just need to regroup and get back into my groove. Only 2 weeks to go….no time for quitting now!

Well, here are the numbers for this Fit Test…some are better, some are the same and well, some dropped…I’m only human.

Here is a link to the third Fit Test Results if you missed them.

Overall here are my improvements since the first fit test:

Switch Kicks:     +9
Power Jacks:     +12
Power Knees:    +32
Power Jumps:    +9
Globe Jumps:       +1
Suicide Jumps:  +4
Push-Up Jacks: +12
Low Plank Obliques: +6

I shot my load this time on the Power Jumps, so as usually the second half of the Fit Test suffered. Globe Jumps remain my nemesis and my number stayed the same as 2 weeks ago. I increased on all of my numbers except for Low Plank Obliques, I dropped by 2 this time but I’m ok with that as I set the bar high with those on Fit Test 2 and have struggled to match or beat that number since.

This past week I also hit the Fitness Trail, which is something I haven’t done in quite some time. I really noticed an improvement in my cardio there. I didn’t get winded at all and if it wasn’t for my bleeding toe I probably could have kept on going.

I look forward to the next 2 weeks with my #insanecrew and I really look forward to planning out a hybrid with them!

Keep digging deep, pressing play and pushing yourself to the next fitness level.
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3 responses to “Why Yes, It’s ANOTHER Fit Test!

  1. Michael

    Way to go Nikki. Awesome numbers. You are kicking my _ _ _.

  2. There has been some great insight on this blog and it has inspired me to get to the gym and workout alot more often. Thanks.

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