Final Fit Test: Revenge Is Sweet!

I did it! I completed Insanity! *cue noise makers, balloons and confetti! I barely made it through the Max month and I just completed my final Fit Test of the 63 day program. I’m a little tired and would like to drink my recovery drink so I’ll just get to it…

Here are the results:

Overall here are my improvements since the first fit test:

Switch Kicks:     +11
Power Jacks:     +14
Power Knees:    +33
Power Jumps:    +10
Globe Jumps:       +1
Suicide Jumps:  +6
Push-Up Jacks: +13
Low Plank Obliques: +7
I am so happy that I was able to complete all 63 days of this program. As some of you know, I attempted it back in April of this year and had to drop out after week one. My herniated discs just could handle it so with my tail between my legs and pride broken, I went back to do a second round of P90X and then I went on to ChaLEAN Extreme.

While I was doing ChaLEAN, my coach mentioned he was starting a second round of Insanity…with those words, my itch for revenge began to surface. I started thinking about it non stop and finally found a partner to start with a few weeks later since I couldn’t start with him.

Before I knew it we grew into the most amazing group of dedicated people. Without even trying, the #insanecrew was born. Without them, I don’t know if I would have kept going when I hit the Max month. (Don’t believe Shaun T at the end of  Pure Cardio when he says “That shits bananas yo” cause that’s a cake walk compared to Max month).

Next up is the “90 Days to a Better You” challenge which I have blogged about. If you haven’t checked it out please take a moment to now. We are starting tomorrow and would love for you to join us!

Special thanks to the #insanecrew: @tmgrant7, @perkinsmichael, @Socee808, @MrThomas619, my husband Mike who was my workout partner at home, @Melysa_S who had to go back to month 1, but is still rockin’ it and will soon taste the sweetness of revenge, @graveidea who gave me the nutrition advice I needed, when I needed it and last but not least, my coach, @Adamsfit who “lied” to us about just how hard Max month would be, but was the one responsible for lighting the fire under my ass and making me want to seek revenge, without even knowing it.

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6 responses to “Final Fit Test: Revenge Is Sweet!

  1. perkinsmichael

    All lies…you did it all yourself. You didn’t need the insanecrew at all.

    • Oh, no…I needed you guys! If you didn’t get up early to workout, I would never know what I was supposed to do each day….lmao! Looking forward to another 90 days with you, buddy! #insanecrew

  2. Great job Nicole! You are truly an inspiration!

  3. WE DID IT!!!!! We graduated from INSANITY! I was worried that this day would never arrive but it has & we made it! Thanks for being a great motivator and friend! Looking forward to another 90 day program with the #insanecrew!

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