The New Year Is Approaching…

It’s almost time to say good-bye to 2010 and hello to 2011…are you ready?

For most people, the new year means making resolutions. Topping that resolution list is usually “lose weight” or “start working out” which creates a surge in people going to the gym. After a month of waiting on line for the treadmill and elliptical or dealing with overflowing classes, many people throw in the towel and begin to find reasons not to go anymore. Sound familiar? You know it does…fess up!

It is this very cycle I battled for years. “January 1st is coming, I’ll join the gym” or “This year I’ll try Weight Watchers“. Year after year, I would make these resolutions and NEVER stick with them…..until January 2010!

What happened in January 2010, you ask? Well, that is when I made a promise to myself…a promise to start P90X and FINISH it! I was hell bent on completing this program, even though I knew I might not be ready for it. I HAD to do this for ME….for my children, and for my health. I grabbed my brand new calendar and started marking my 30, 60 and 90 day goals. I printed out check lists for my daily food and water goals….I meant business this time.

The plus to P90X for me? Well, you don’t have to climb into the car and head to the gym. You don’t have a class time schedule to follow (not that I have ever taken a class….more on this at a later date). There is no line for a machine that you end up having to wipe someones sweat off of. It’s just you and the DVD’s in your living room. (or any other space you declare your “home gym”)

People thought I was crazy and many told me I could not do this. They didn’t have faith in me…how could they? I never completed any of my resolutions in the past. The more negative they felt about my new journey, the hotter I felt the fire within me burn…it fueled me and pushed me to great heights.

The key to my completing this resolution and still being committed to it today was my support group. I managed to find an amazing group of people on-line who were all doing the program. Some were already really fit, some were working out the first time, some had a lot of weight to lose and some just wanted a challenge. None of that mattered though, as we were all there to cheer each other on and reassure one another when we had doubts or bad days. Ok…the fact that I was seeing phenomenal results after 30days and felt amazing helped a bit too.

I sit here now as a 2 time P90X graduate. I’ve completed ChaLEAN Extreme and I’ve earned my INSANITY t-shirt. I am somewhere I never though I would be. I am 40 pounds lighter since starting the P90X leg of my journey. I gained a lot of lean muscle and I’ve lost over 10 inches from my waist alone!!

Was it easy? No! It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It was not only a physical journey, but a mental journey, as well. It is the thing I am most proud of that I have accomplished in my life so far. (Well, besides my two kids)

So, my question to you is….As the New Year approaches and you make your resolutions, are you truly ready to carry them out? If losing weight and getting healthy is at the top of your list, I would love to help you get started. You will be amazed at what you are capable of, if you simply allow yourself to push forward.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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  1. david sanchez

    Ilike your story iam grad of insanity it was hell I lost 20 pounds an 3 inches an just p90xx an became acoach happy new year peace out an bring on for this year

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