Get Your Jump On

Today was Day 2 of P90X which meant I had a date with Plyometrics – “The mother” of the P90X workout program.

Now, I’ve dealt with “the mother” before back in the spring during my second round, when I decided to give classic a shot. Apparently I didn’t listen to her, because I met “the father” (Insanity) and he kicked my ass for not listening to mom and doing what I should have. Lesson learned.

Safely back in mothers arms today, I pressed play. The warm-up got my heart rate up and those lunges got me sweating. I like that there are two rounds of each set of moves. It’s gives you a chance to really “Bring It” in the second round if you are still adjusting to the moves and learning them in the first. As with every workout I have my least favorite move, in Plyo, it’s the Mary Katherine lunges. Meh!

Tony’s famous words in this workout are “You can do anything for 30 seconds” and it’s true. He also points out that one of the guys in the cast  is doing this workout on a prosthetic leg, so no excuses! Point taken. Thank you, Tony.

Overall I have no issues with this workout. Ok. I lied. I have an issue with Dom. One might say I’m jealous of how he hops around like a bunny and makes everything look pretty, effortless and easy. One day I too shall hop around all graceful like that. Until then, I will continue to be like a fish, flopping on deck after being pulled out of the water, and I’m ok with that. No. Really. I am.

Plyometrics is a very challenging workout, but coming off of 63 days of Insanity I felt like I was moving in slow motion. My other issue, was due to the slower pace, my mind had a chance to second guess itself and plant that little seed of doubt. Don’t worry….I did everything and completed the workout…it’s just going to take some readjusting and taking it all 30 seconds at a time.

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4 responses to “Get Your Jump On

  1. Awesome job! I can’t wait to do Plyometrics tonight! –No, seriously! :)

  2. Thanks! Will you be sporting your Vibrams for Plyo? I look forward to reading another blog post from you soon, Superdork!

  3. Nathan

    Nic, I love how Plyo is still a challenge given the victory you have in being an INSANITY graduate. While the routines are similar, I agree that it is Plyo’s slower pace that allows for one’s inner demons to wreak havoc. As well, it is no picnic at all to try and do double-time jump knee tucks and immediately roll into Mary Katherines (let alone try double-timing those as well!).

    Dom is the man I always try and emulate when I do Plyo. If you really watch him, you’ll see that he actually pushes himself and suffers quietly. He doesn’t whine and groan, which gives him the air of doing it effortlessly.

    Congrats on Bringing It…….still! :)

  4. Nate, my dear…you KNOW I wrote that Dom section for you! ;)

    I’m waiting for another INSANITY blog from you. Hopefully it will come about BEFORE you sport the “I EARNED IT!” t-shirt.

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