Motivating Can Be…Motivating

I am always amazed when people tell me that I have motivated them to make changes in their lives. To me, I’m just sharing my story and documenting certain things to look back on and keep me moving forward. Then again, I find quite a few people to be motivating to me, and they are probably shocked too, as they are just doing the same.

As I sat here this morning, half asleep, sipping my coffee I realized that hearing that I have motivated someone truly motivates me more than anything. I love knowing that I am making a difference. I love knowing that there are others out there who want to take the steps I have and just need a little guidance. I love knowing that I can not only help them, but play a supporting role in their journey, because I remember what a rough and daunting road it could be.

For those of you just starting out or still nervous about taking that first step. Please, never hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I would love to give you the push you need, offer guidance or just play the role of cheerleader.

In order to succeed you just have to believe in yourself, keep pushing forward and know that sometimes you will fall, but you’ll get back up and be stronger for doing it.

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P.S. – If you would like a place to stay accountable, I will be running a weekly check-in thread on my Facebook page. You can click the circle logo to the right to take you there, click “like” and then jump on and tell me what you’ve done each week.

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