Which Way Is Which?

As I chug along on this road, to the town of awesomesauce, I occasionally question if what I am doing is right. Did I take the right path? Should I have gone right instead of left? Am I holding this map upside down, cause NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE?

It is at that point of yelling at myself and tears streaming that I stop, take a deep breathe and realize that this is all part of the journey. All of the the things I question are my lessons. They are the things that help me to improve who I am, to become stronger both mentally and physically. Without the questions there is no journey, and without the journey I can’t grow as a person.

With that, I will finish out some of my frustrations via Vlog….I’ve been a total slacker with them and posting lately so I figured I would try to make it up tonight.

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3 responses to “Which Way Is Which?

  1. I’ve been the same way with the workouts… P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam… But I finally decided to start Insanity. Tonight will be Day 3. Hang in there! The good thing is that you did stay active.
    As far as diet, do what your body is telling you. Being a vegetarian is still working for me but I grew up around a lot of plant-based foods although I wasn’t a vegetarian as a kid. Tofu, tempeh, legumes work for me..seitan, not so much. Just remember, if you do go back to eating meat, take it slow. You may not have the enzymes you need to break the food down right away which could cause some discomfort.
    It’s good to see you blog/vlog again. Maybe I should go to video… hmmm

    • Hey Marlon,

      Thanks for commenting! I am not a huge meat eater, but I think I need that small amount that I did eat. I am not a huge tofu fan. I didn’t like tempeh and I avoided seitan because of the gluten aspect of it. I enjoy legumes but I find myself getting sick of them *shrugs*

      I plan on taking my journey back into meat slowly and basically just listening to my body. I would love to see a video from you, too! Dooooooo iiiiitttttt!!!!

  2. rich

    Hey Nikki,
    I know where you’re coming from with the “workout ADD” thing. I’ve been jumping around a bit myself and I know it’s because I haven’t “seen” results like I would like too, and though I am “pushing play” I do also feel myself getting a bit “lazy” diet wise.
    Do what you can eating wise and listen to you body, as you know there are other protein sources, chicken, fish etc. I’m sure you’ll find the right balance for you.
    Keep Up The Good Fight

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