Week Three? Already?! Whoa!

Once again, I fell off the blogosphere…and I’m sorry.

Hopping back into Insanity has been quite time consuming, especially since I started it right as the kids went back to school. Trying to get into the groove of a new schedule has been an interesting.

To date, I have only missed one scheduled Insanity workout and I ended up doing a double the next night. For those of you who have pulled Insanity doubles before, you know how mentally and physically exhausting this can be….not something I plan on doing, again….especially once Max month rolls around.

As I enter week three, I must say I feel great!

This past Saturday I attended the 10th annual Walk With Joe. It’s a 5K walk/run in memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 on Flight 93. This is the second year I attempted to run it and I did really well. The only time I had to stop my run was when I lapped the walking crowd. Usually this wouldn’t be an issue but because of the hurricane two weeks ago and the rain we had this past week, they had to change us to a lap course. Regardless, I felt great. Finished in my fastest time to date and I felt strong.

I hope to get back to a weekly blog flow soon, life permitting. I am sure I will at the very least post a will blog right before I begin the Max month in two short weeks.

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