The End of Month 1

The end of Insanity, month 1 has arrived and I am on day 3 of my “recovery week”.  Anyone who has ever done Insanity knows why I put recovery in quotes…it’s not really a recovery, it’s just torture at a slower pace.

I have to say, I feel great this round. Month 1 flew by and I am noticing plenty of change in my body already. My last week of workouts was a little sketchy due to work, but I doubled up when needed and switched my rest day around to accommodate.

This week I have also incorporated some weight lifting into my routine. I love lifting and it’s the one thing I miss most when doing Insanity.

Now to be honest, I am not looking forward to month 2….Max month. Those of you who have been following my blog or my tweets know that I struggled viciously with Max month during my last round of Insanity. I cried. I cursed. I threw temper tantrums. In the end, I completed it and felt like I accomplished something huge, but once again I am filled with dread and self doubt as I prepare to face it again.

Insanity is a mental game and this time I hope to be stronger than the demons in my head. Afterall, I’ve done this before and I survived it…I really have nothing to fear.

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2 responses to “The End of Month 1

  1. Chris B

    I’m living in week 7 of my first time through right now, and the Max workouts are kicking my butt HARD. Shin splints seems to be my #1 culprit. I’ve been forced to take a few days off because of having family guests staying with us, but continue on tomorrow. All I can say is that my results have been unparalleled. Keep it up Nikki, we’re almost there!

    • You’re right….we’re almost there and the results are worth the sweat and tears. Keep me in the loop with your progress! I look forward to hearing about your final results :)

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