Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3

The title of this blog is what my workouts have been like lately.

(Internal dialog)

Red Light: STOP: “Take a break. You’re going to kill yourself if you keep pushing this hard.”

Green Light: GO: “Push bitch! No one can do this but you. If you want results so gotta work for them!”

1-2-3:  Mon-Tues-Wed: Workout, Workout, Workout! Thurs-Fri-Sat: Slack, Slack, Slack! Sun: Guilt.

(Repeat loop of events)

This has been the past two weeks of my life. I decided to start round 3 of Insanity with a group of amazing people and I just can’t get myself to stay in the zone. My body is tired from round two and as my work load increases, my excuses seem to as well.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are always great. They are my days off from work and my short shift days so I am not exhausted and I feel good. Thursdays and Fridays kick my butt, so I’m tired and start mentally shifting my rest day around and justify the dreaded double in my head. Saturday rolls around and the thought of the double makes me want to puke so I opt for some college football first and then I lose all motivation. Sundays….um….I blame the RedZone channel for Sundays.

The workout game is NOT new to me and I know that these excuses are a bunch of bullshit. I also know that I can’t keep pushing myself as hard as I have, so my new task at hand is to strike balance. I don’t like the way I feel when I don’t workout. I have a fear of going back to being out of shape and lazy, which is why I think I push myself the way I do. I need to come up with a routine that fits my schedule and my needs. One that I will look forward to and want to do.

THIS is the reality of a lifestyle. There are ups, there are downs and there are hurdles to jump. The important part is to never give up, to keep pushing forward and to find the balance that keeps you growing as a person and pushing you to your ultimate goal.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
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P.S. – If my thoughts seem to be all over the place or if I didn’t make much sense to you, I once again blame the RedZone channel. Blogging during the 1pm games is not a good idea.

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  1. Sarah

    Lol, I love your blogs and I was laughing at the Red Light, Green Light analogy. I think you’re doing awesome and that you should look for something new you may dig. Maybe you should get a group together for Crossfit stuff a few days a week and then do something mellow on those in between days? I dunno, I know you will find your rhythm and work like a mofo! =D <3

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