‘Tis The Season For Lots O’ Drinking!

Office parties, family get-together’s, dinner with friends and stress….these all sound like perfect reasons to have a few drinks to me. Then again if you know me, you know that #BeerMe is a popular phrase of mine *wink, wink*

The truth of the matter is, alcohol is one of the quickest ways to pack on the pounds and a hefty cocktail will double-cross you by cancelling out that fat-burning workout you enjoyed earlier in the day. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying you can’t have a few drinks over the holiday season, while watching football or just because holiday shopping at the mall sucked. I just want you to make smarter choices when doing it.

If you are a beer drinker try to opt for light beers.You could save yourself over 100-calories per drink considering most regular beers have around 180-calories per bottle. Brands like Corona Light, Heineken Light, Bud Select and Miller Lite all have around 100 calories per bottle. Brands like Michelob Ultra, MGD 64 and Bud Select 55 all have even less. (To me, the latter taste very watered down.)

If you prefer mixed drinks try to have them made with diet soda or “light” juices if available. I know soda is normally avoided in the fitness world, but then again alcohol is too. Here are some figure friendly mixed drink options under 200-calories each to consider: Gin and Tonic, Vodka and Sprint Zero (you can add a splash of cranberry juice – I had this over the weekend and I am a big fan), an Appletini, Mojito (without the simple syrup), White wine spritzer (diluted with water or club soda), or a Mimosa Lite.

Harder liquor such as 90-proof alcohol contains about 110 calories, and when you add carbonated sugar-filled sodas, juices and Redbull, you also add-on the calories. Just this weekend I indulged in some Jager bombs and opted for sugar-free Redbull instead of the original. It wasn’t as good, but I appreciated the calories I saved.

Red or White Wine contains anywhere from 109 calories – 129 calories per 50z serving, depending on the type of wine you are drinking.

My advice during this holiday season is to be aware of what you are drinking and go for the low-calorie fun. Drink plenty of water between your cocktails, and remember that alcohol adds empty calories and interferes with your bodies ability to burn fat.

*If you have a favorite low-calorie cocktail or beer you would like to share, please feel free to do so below in the comments section.

Happy Holidays and Drink Responsibly!

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Raspberry Cooler
1 1/2 oz Raspberry vodka
3 oz Sprite Zero
1 splash of lite cranberry juice
1 wedge Lime

Mixing instructions:
Fill a highball glass with ice. Add Raspberry vodka, Sprite Zero and a splash of lite cranberry juice. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

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