Shakeology Cleanse 2012 – Day 1

I woke up this morning and decided to move my Shakeology cleanse start date up one day.

If you do not know what Shakeology is or what the Shakeology cleanse is, please click here. You can also check out my first experience with the cleanse and see what my results were.

I am not sure why I decided to do this and as the day progressed, I regretted the move more and more.

You see, it’s Sunday, and Sunday equals beer, pizza, some form of salty snack in a bag and usually some ice-cream during the 8pm game. Not the ideal health food, but hey, I like certain things and I understand that I’m holding my progress by indulging in them. Don’t judge me.

I started my cleanse with my usual cup of iced black coffee, a glass of water and then my first of three chocolate Shakeology shakes. I felt great after this meal and I was grateful I slept late because it meant a shorter day and hopefully less hunger.

Shortly after this meal, I went into my fridge and remember there was a whole entire pizza pie in there. PIZZA! If you know me, you know my love of pizza. I was officially miserable and tried to avoid the fridge for the rest of the day.

I busied myself with a 20 minute workout on the stationary bike, taking down all of the Christmas decorations both inside and outside of the house and watching football. The problem with watching football was that it made me want pizza….sigh…it was like the book “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie”…and an obvious sign that I was once again hooked on foods I shouldn’t be hooked on.

I decided the cravings meant it was time for lunch so I prepared my second shake of the day and I had a banana with it. It was good…but it wasn’t pizza. Can you say one track mind?

In between shakes I drank tons of water which meant I went to pee about a million times. At least it gave me something to complain about besides the fact that there was pizza in my fridge. *sigh*

Dinner time meant food. REAL FOOD! I prepared a pork roast, steamed veggies and potatoes for the family. I had my green tea at this time along with a large helping of steam broccoli and lean pork, a long with some spinach. It was heavenly, mostly because I couldn’t sip it through a straw.

As for shake number three? I’m currently sipping it as I write this pity party blog. It’s another chocolate shake (I loathe the greenberry stuff) and I added some frozen black cherries to it.

Be sure to keep out for my blog tomorrow! I will report any weight loss, if there is any as well as any measurement changes.

If you have done the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse before or if you are doing it now, I would love to hear about your experience.

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