Shakeology Cleanse 2012 – Day 2

I know I’m a little late on this blog and I had full intentions on doing it last night but I had something come up.

Yesterday was Day 2 of my cleanse and it honestly wasn’t that bad. I woke up and headed for the scale to see what impact Day 1 would have on the number. I was down just about a pound and somewhat disappointed because the first time I did this, I lost 2lbs the first day. I quickly got over it and realized a pound is a pound and got my day started. To my surprise, when I took my measurements, I was down on all three numbers! This further proves that the scale does not tell the whole truth.

Meal one was a glass of water, iced coffee and a chocolate Shakeology. I was very full after this and had to force myself to have “lunch” today. I drank a ton of water again which resulted in me spending most of my day in the bathroom, but I think my body just adjusted quickly to what was going on. I was very hungry around dinner time but once I was around food, my appetite went away so my meal was actually very small.

While I didn’t do a workout today, I had plenty of energy and didn’t feel as tired as I did on day one.

I’ll admit, I totally forgot to drink my two cups of green tea and I might have had a teeny, tiny piece of Entenmann’s Ultimate Crumb Cake, which my husband brought home the night before not realizing I had started the cleanse. However, upon stepping on the scale this morning, that teeny, tiny piece of cake didn’t matter anymore as I lost 4lbs! Crazy right?! I also went down again on all three of my measurements!

Day 3 has already kicked off for me and I’m sipping my first shake of the day as I type this. Hopefully if time permits, I’ll have another blog post tonight…if not, Day 3 and my results will be a joint blog tomorrow.

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2 responses to “Shakeology Cleanse 2012 – Day 2

  1. Keep up the good work, Nik! You’re proving that the scale truly only tells a small part of the story. The rest of the story comes from your other numbers, how you look, how you feel, and knowing that you’re ridding your body of more than you know and thus carving out a healthier you!

    Your immune system is strong because of what you’re doing. Your energy increase is no surprise.

    One more day and you’ll be CLEANSED! :p

  2. Thanks Nate! After all of the holiday indulging I did this year, I had to do something to counter act the damage. I’m one shake away from being done and hopefully kicking my sweet tooth in the butt.

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