Movin’ and Grovin’

10 days post-op and I gotta say, I’m feeling good. I barely have that hunched over look anymore, my bruises from the lipo are fading (although those areas still hurt like a bitch!) and the drain holes are closing up. I still have the Steri-strips in my belly button and my incision still has the skin glue over it and I have to keep large, gauze like pads over it. Getting up and down from a sitting position is easier and getting out of bed is almost not a chore anymore. Granted, I’m super stiff in the morning because I’m still stuck sleeping on my back at night (which I hate), so getting up can be kinda funny if you were watch me.

Wednesday, I began getting stir-crazy in the house. I decided to get dressed and drive for the first time since Easter to the grocery store. (I know, I lead an exciting life). Getting dressed was a tad tricky since I’m still pretty swollen and none of my pants can button yet. I HATE wearing sweats outside of the house unless I’m headed to the fitness trail, but it was cool out, so a summer dress wasn’t an option and I couldn’t go outside pantless…meh.

I got behind the wheel of my truck and headed out. At first it felt weird and it wasn’t very comfortable to drive, but I adjusted quickly and it felt good to get some fresh air. I knew I couldn’t grab a lot of things at the store because I can’t lift much, so I just walked up and down a few aisles, grabbed a few items for dinner and headed home. I was out for less than hour and I felt exhausted. I decided to relax for a little while and woke up 3 hours later. Oops!

For the second night in row, I also prepared dinner. I love cooking and controlling the ingredients that go into my body. It’s also a big part of my daily routine so it felt good to have a little bit of normalcy back in my day.

Later that evening, I received a phone call from a  co-worker and then one from my new boss. As many of you know, I work at Cold Stone Creamery as a cake decorator. Our location also has a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory inside and I have been responsible for making all of our caramel apples. They have been having issues making the apples since I’ve been out on surgical leave. They had some questions and I was feeling restless again so I offered to go in for a bit, sit and guide them in the process. I know my husband wasn’t happy with this decision because he knows I’m a doer and he feared me trying to do too much and hurting myself, but I was good and listened to my body. As soon as I started feeling tired, I made sure they were OK and I headed home. I was sure I had over did it for the day and expected to begin swelling but I didn’t. I actually felt great and that made me happy.

Yesterday my husband was off from work and we ran a few errands, had lunch together and sorted through our son’s wardrobe to see what he needed for the summer. Today I’m trying my hand at some laundry. Don’t worry, I’m not lifting any baskets or anything, it was all already in there.

I find that I fatigue pretty quickly, but I’m happy that I am slowly easing back into my routine. I am still resting as needed and listening to my body. It’s actually been nice to take little naps here and there.

Oh…and in case you were wondering, I still have a love/hate relationship with my compression garment ;)

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  1. 24k_mex

    You’ll be back on your feet before you know it. The hard part is already over. :-)

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