Two Weeks Post-Op and Putting a Plan Together

Yesterday marked two weeks since my surgery and I’m feeling good! I’m becoming more active each day and this week I’ll be easing my way back into work, which should be interesting.

My milestones over the past week have been three things I’ve longed for:

  • I can finally sleep on my side again.
  • I was able to fit into a pair of my jeans.
  • I no longer need to take Percocet, at all.

Sleeping on my side again has been wonderful. I am finally able to sleep for more 2 hours at a time, so I am feeling more rested these days. It’s a little difficult to get myself onto my side and rolling over is a bit of a challenge while I’m sleeping but not being stuck like a turtle on it’s back is simply blissful.

As for the jeans, I honestly didn’t think I would be able to fit into them yet, but I being my thick-headed self, had to try again. I was pleasantly surprised when I had no trouble getting the button to fasten and that truly made my day. In all honesty, these are not my normal size jeans. They are a pair that were too big on me, but I would wear to work because I didn’t care if they got ruined. I’m hoping in another week I’ll be able to fit into my normal size, but progress is progress, so I’ll take it and be happy.

Being off the Percocet feels great. I didn’t like how tired they made me feel. Napping all day was not very productive at all. About a week ago I weened down to needing them just at night, and at that point I was using them more for the sleep aspect than for pain because I was struggling with sleeping on my back so much. I am now just taking Tylenol as needed, which is really just before bed and I’m sure I’ll need some once I’m more active at work.

Being laid up for the past two weeks as been making me antsy to workout again. I know I’m going to have to take it slow once I’m cleared by my surgeon. I’m planning on getting back into walking the fitness trail and I’m hoping that lower body workouts will be OK. If I am able to do lower body stuff, I think I am going to restart Brazil Butt Lift. The workouts are pretty quick and all of the moves are very effective. I’d LOVE to be able to lift again so I can regain the shoulder/arm definition I have lost, but I’m pretty sure that it off the table for awhile since you need to stabilize your core to lift properly. Sigh.

I’ve been doing really well with my nutrition lately, too. I know how important vitamins and protein are to my recovery right now, so I’ve been very motivated.

Next week I have another post-op appointment with the surgeon, so I’m hoping we will be covering all of my new do’s and don’ts. I’m also hoping I will be given a “transition” garment, because I am officially hating the compression garment. My only fear is that transition one will suck even more and I’ll wish I was back in the first one. (Cause that’s my luck and how things usually work, right?)

Till next time…

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