Three Weeks Post-Op

Today I had my 3 week post-op visit and things are going well!

This past week I have really started to become comfortable in my skin again. As the swelling goes down and I’m able to be more physical, I am feeling more like myself again. Today I even tried on a few of my bathing suits just to make sure the scar line is covered and you know what? I was actually happy to look at myself in the mirror in a bathing suit! Shocking right?! It is the first time in I don’t know….EVER…. that I can honestly say that. It was a great feeling to not feel like I had to cover something or fidget with things.

Another plus this week was that the skin glue and mesh tape they used to close my incision fell off, which meant I no longer had to use these giant gauze pads to cover the area. I also fit into a smaller size pair of jeans than I did last week. I am still not quite into my normal jeans, but I think within another week or two I’ll be there. As you can see, I am still quite swollen but my belly button is healing nicely. I would also like to point out that this is the first time I have ever shared a photo of my stomach. It’s not the most impressive photo (especially since I haven’t shared a before) but I’m very happy with things so far and know that things will only improve as time goes on.

At the appointment today, my incision was looked at and he said it is healing very nicely. I can downgrade the type of compression garment I wear to a “Spanx” like style. I think I will go shop for a new one tonight since I officially loathe the medical grade one I have been forced to wear for the past 3 weeks. He also said I can remove the garment at night now, if I am comfortable doing that…..uh….fuck yeah! There is nothing comfortable about a zipper jabbing you in your side as you try to have sweet dreams.

I have also been cleared to go back to work and exercise again, which I am excited for. I have the green light for all cardio and anything upper body. The only thing I can’t do at this point are ab workouts. He said I have to wait until at least 6 months out  for those and to be honest, I’m totally ok with that. Tomorrow morning I think I will try to do some lifting. Obviously, I’ll be modifying the amount of weight I lift, so I can get a feel for what’s comfortable and what’s pushing it. It’s been weeks since I have done any exercise so I’m sure I’ll be lifting much lighter, regardless.

Other than that, I don’t have much else to report. I need to order the scar gel he recommends to help the scar line fade and as I type this blog, I am enjoying the freedom of NOT wearing that torturous compression garment.

Hopefully my blog will begin to shift back to my workouts now that I am able to get busy again. During this off time, I seem to have found a spark within myself again and I’m hoping it ignites into the inferno it once was.

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2 responses to “Three Weeks Post-Op

  1. Sounds like great progress! Wow, I thought I was the only one who hasn’t bared (almost) all for a Beachbody photo. ;-)

    • I have those on my laptop but have never shared them with anyone….except Beachbody. I was selected for one of the infomercials but was too embarrassed to make all of the videos of myself doing the workouts.

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