Back in the Saddle, Again!

I just completed my first workout in weeks, and I gotta tell you…it felt great!

Yesterday, I was completely stoked when my surgeon said I could start working out again and that upper-body weight lifting was fine. I knew right away that I wanted to jump back into ChaLEAN Extreme’s PUSH month, as it’s my absolute favorite for building and gaining quick muscle definition.

Upon waking up this morning and felt a little nervous about attempting my first workout. I haven’t really lifted or done anything in months and over the past two weeks, I haven’t been allowed to even lift laundry baskets.

I headed down stairs to the “Get Fit Or Get Out” gym (AKA: my living room), found the DVD and carefully began selecting and moving my weights of choice to the center of the room. I knew I couldn’t lift as heavy as was before, but I also didn’t want to baby myself and not provide some kind of challenge. I settled on a selection of weights ranging from 8 – 12 lbs and began to warm up.

I had no discomfort during any of the exercises and I quickly figured out which weights worked best for which moves. The most difficult part for me was making sure I didn’t strain my core by holding it in too tight. It’s a little difficult to tell, since I don’t have much sensation but if I felt some pulling, I knew I had to easy up and adjust my stance. I had a little difficulty with the over head tricep extensions, since my muscles and skin are very tight. It makes standing straight with you arms over your head VERY difficult, but I did what I could and tapped out once I realized it wasn’t comfortable or worth it to push. Instead, I simply did some more single arm tricep extensions. The important part is working the muscle until it’s fatigued and I certainly did that.

Overall, I had a great first workout and I look forward to my next one. I was happy I didn’t experience major discomfort or swelling from it, because I was afraid of both. It feels good to have my motivation back and I’m excited to fall back into a routine.

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