Slow Going, But Still Moving

icy roadsWell, after cranking out 27+ miles in one week, I managed only 6 miles last week. Sigh…

I know, 6 miles isn’t awful and it’s only 4 miles off from the minimum of 10 miles per week that I set for myself. Little setbacks just tend to aggravate me, and so does having my routine thrown off!

Mother Nature has not been cooperating with my goals as far as running goes. Last week it was brutally cold out and it brought my routine to a screeching halt. I don’t mind running in the cold at all, however when you team -16 wind chills up with icy roads, it raises the risk of falling and breaking something. That doesn’t sound like fun to me and would end up halting my goals even further!

As a result of moody Mother Nature, I’ve been lifting weights, doing yoga and tossing in some of the Quick Workouts I have post here in the past.

I really wish I liked the treadmill, I’ve just never felt comfortable on one and as a result, gave ours away a few years back. I was supposed to head out and hit the pavement today, but the snow started sooner than I hoped and the roads became slick very quickly. Hopefully tomorrow I can squeak a few miles in since I’m at a total of zero miles for this week. Sigh…

What do you do when Mother Nature rears her bitchy head? Do you push through anyway or hit the treadmill instead? Any tips on learning to love the treadmill?

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