Being Productive Makes Me Happy

This has been a really good week for me!

I’ve stuck with my workouts, been eating much cleaner and tried some new recipes. Two new ones are right here in this post, and the Green Monsters (which are my new obsession) can be found here.


No-Bake Energy Bites – These are so yummy and really satisfy my sweet tooth! They calculated out to about 120 calories each, which isn’t too bad.

Chicken, Quinoa and Summer Squash Casserole – I swapped out the summer squash for zucchini and used Italian seasoning instead of rosemary.


As you’ve probably already seen in yesterdays post…. I also reached my 100-Mile milestone this week! I originally hoped to have reached this on Valentine’s Day, but my hamstrings and Mother Nature didn’t like that plan. The important thing is I reached it and honestly, 500 miles seems pretty easy now. I hate to say it out-loud but as long as I stay healthy and don’t get injured, I think I’ll easily pass my goal! *fingers crossed…..knocks on wood….yeah….I know I probably just jinxed myself…sigh.*



Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

~Tomorrow starts the Road ID Badge Challenge over on FurtherFasterForever! You might recall that a few weeks ago I participated in the Sandy Hook virtual event they put together. I’m really excited about this challenge and I’m curious to see how many badges I can collect from March 1st thru March 14th. I’m a newbie to this and I know most of the people who participate are serious athletes, but I’m a determined newbie and will do my best….everyone starts out somewhere, right?!

How is your week progressing? Anything special you’d care to share? What has made you proud or happy this week?

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  1. I wonder what we will come up with next week… this week we have made so many similar things!!! :) Yay for it being a good week!

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