{Fitness Friday} July Challenge

I can’t believe that July is already lurking around the corner! It’s crazy how quickly the months are flying by, right?!

At this point, everyone doing the June Challenge only has two more days to go (if you haven’t already completed today’s workout) and I am so proud of you all! I figured since everyone is going strong and loves to hate me, I’d keep the momentum going with a July Challenge!

Oh stop groaning…you know you’re excited!

This month has less moves since I know the summer can be super busy. It’s very similar to the May Challenge I found on-line, but since Jac and I had such great results doing it, I thought we would revisit it, with a twist.

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Plank this month is for time, instead of a set time for each day. Some people will only be able to hold for about :30 seconds, others for over 3 minutes. I want you to compete against yourself this month. Write down your time for each day and try to beat it by a few seconds the next day. Push yourself to new limits here and make sure you hold the pose until you physically can’t anymore! I’ll be sharing some tips to holding plank pose over the Facebook Page, so make sure you “LIKE” it!

For those who are more advanced with their fitness, feel free to add weights to your squats! Remember, your lower body is very strong, but we are doing lots of reps, so don’t go too heavy. I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves! I will most likely being adding heavy weights and breaking the squats into sets with rest in-between, as we get further into the challenge. The most important thing is proper form! You’ll get better results with proper form than you will trying to impress people by going heavy. Always listen to your body and if you can do them in front of mirror, it’s best so you can check your form every rep.

As always, I’ll be doing check-in’s over on the Facebook page, so don’t be shy and join in on the conversations!

Enjoy your Fourth of July…stay hydrated and let me know if you’ll be joining the squatastic fun we’ll be having this month!

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