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#PlankWithNikki Challenge

It’s the time again…

Time for me to challenge you with 30 days of something to make your body a little stronger!

Since I’ve had a good response to plank challenges in the past, I figured why not kick off the beginning of spring with one. For the next 30 days, I challenge you to follow the graphic below and do a plank-a-day, with the goal of being able to hold a 5 minute plank by day 30.

#PlankWithNikki Challenge

As you can see, I am not asking for much time per day. You can squeeze this into your day very easily, especially since most of the month only requires 2 minutes or less of your time. That doesn’t sound too bad right?

I will be posting a daily accountability post over on the Facebook Page and I invite you to check-in daily. Accountability is so important to staying on track. Plus, you just might inspire someone else to get their plank done, by posting about yours!

Use the hashtag #PlankWithNikki, especially when posting on Instagram. I love being inspired by others and would love to see what you are up to!

Questions or concerns about how to hold a proper plank pose? Check out this post from the archives or post a message to me over on the Facebook Page.

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{Fitness Friday} July Challenge

I can’t believe that July is already lurking around the corner! It’s crazy how quickly the months are flying by, right?!

At this point, everyone doing the June Challenge only has two more days to go (if you haven’t already completed today’s workout) and I am so proud of you all! I figured since everyone is going strong and loves to hate me, I’d keep the momentum going with a July Challenge!

Oh stop groaning…you know you’re excited!

This month has less moves since I know the summer can be super busy. It’s very similar to the May Challenge I found on-line, but since Jac and I had such great results doing it, I thought we would revisit it, with a twist.

Click to View Full Size

Click to View Full Size

Plank this month is for time, instead of a set time for each day. Some people will only be able to hold for about :30 seconds, others for over 3 minutes. I want you to compete against yourself this month. Write down your time for each day and try to beat it by a few seconds the next day. Push yourself to new limits here and make sure you hold the pose until you physically can’t anymore! I’ll be sharing some tips to holding plank pose over the Facebook Page, so make sure you “LIKE” it!

For those who are more advanced with their fitness, feel free to add weights to your squats! Remember, your lower body is very strong, but we are doing lots of reps, so don’t go too heavy. I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves! I will most likely being adding heavy weights and breaking the squats into sets with rest in-between, as we get further into the challenge. The most important thing is proper form! You’ll get better results with proper form than you will trying to impress people by going heavy. Always listen to your body and if you can do them in front of mirror, it’s best so you can check your form every rep.

As always, I’ll be doing check-in’s over on the Facebook page, so don’t be shy and join in on the conversations!

Enjoy your Fourth of July…stay hydrated and let me know if you’ll be joining the squatastic fun we’ll be having this month!

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Who’s Ready For A June Challenge?

I can’t believe that May is almost over! I swear my birthday was just the other day but that was in the beginning of the month. Wow! 2013 needs to slow down just a little.

With the closing of May, comes the end of the May Challenge that I was doing with Jac from Nora & Jac. The challenge was all about squats and planks and we really held each other accountable all month. Of course as the end of the challenge approached, we began to wonder what we should do for June, so I came up with a challenge that will work our arms as well as our core strength. I’ve really become a fan of the these monthly progressive challenges and I think that doing another one will be perfect during June, which tends to be a crazy and hectic month for me. I like that they are quick yet effective workouts and that I can see results without devoting a ton of time.

June Arms and Abs Challenge

Click For Larger Version

I tried to change things up a bit each day, so we wouldn’t get bored. Here are some tips if you are worried about the moves listed above.

  • Push-ups can of course be done from your knees if you can’t do a full push-up yet, but really push yourself to reach the goal of doing full push-ups. Even if you can only do one or two before switching to your knees, it’ll help you improve and slowly work your way to doing more full reps.
  • Chair Dips can be done in different ways too. Beginners can start with their knees bent to give added support. As your tricep strength increases, try putting your legs out straight in front of you so can get more resistance from your body weight. If that becomes easy, lift one leg or put your legs up on a chair too!
  • Military Push-ups are done with your hands lined up directly under your shoulders. As you lower down into the push-up, your elbows stay back and tight to your body. These are still difficult for me, so don’t worry if you can’t go down very far. It’ll come with time!
  • Wide Fly Push-ups are exactly what they sound like. You place your arms out in front of you in a wide push-up pose. These tend to be easier, at least for me.
  • Mountain Climbers begin in the top of a push-up or full plank. You’ll then alternate pulling in your left and right foot…kinda like running in place. They are fabulous for building core and shoulder strength.

If you are unsure of the other moves listed her, please let me know and I’ll be happy to explain them or provide links to “how-to” videos.

I’m really looking forward to another month of teaming up with Jac and keeping each other accountable. I also just started DDP Yoga (I’ll talk about that soon in a separate post) and I hope to get back into running this month using the technique I posted about on my Facebook page last week.

So who else would like to join us for this challenge? We’d love to have you!

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Who Wants To Kick-Ass in April?

Summer is quickly sneaking up on us, although you wouldn’t know it by the weather we’ve been having. Your window of opportunity to tone-up and shed a few pounds is quickly closing and those damn Girl Scouts and their cookies aren’t helping!

(For the record I love the Girl Scouts, I was one, my daughter was one and my nieces represent…it’s the evil cookies I don’t like…well…I love them…but my ass doesn’t.)

Anyway… I was killing time on Pinterest while being stuck in the house with sick kids and I stumbled upon this:

Kick-ass April

Thanks to Lauren for noticing that the dates on here do not reflect 2013. Please make a note of that if you plan to follow along. If I have time, I’ll make a new graphic and post it.
Click on the image to view the source of this workout and look up past ones.

I know the same three moves daily can become boring, but they are all very effective and I think you’ll be amazed by how much improvement you’ll see with each passing day. Just like with the plank challenge, you start out slow but with each passing day, you become stronger. This also doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day. You can easily do this before you take your morning shower, or just slip it into your usual routine.

So who wants to join me for a month of booty toning goodness?

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{Wordless Wednesday} My Week In Fitness So Far





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{ Fitness Friday }

Wow…another week has come and gone! Is it just me or has this year just flown by?

Last week not a single one of you shared or linked your fitness triumphs, goals or successes with me….which means you all SUCK! It’s ok…I’ll just continue to post for my own benefit, after all, who doesn’t like screaming out of an open window hoping that someone hears them?! ….sigh….

Sunday will be the official finale of P90X – Phase1 for myself and the hubs. This week has been a rest week, although I wouldn’t really say there is anything relaxing about YogaX and Core Synergistics.  Between the prior three weeks, two 5K‘s and the Plank Challenge I’ve been taking part in, my body feels like it was hit by a truck and yesterday’s Xstretch workout, was pure bliss. Speaking of the Plank Challenge, I am almost to my goal of 5 minutes!! It’s getting REALLY hard to hold the position with proper form, but I’m fighting for it. I’m not sure if I will be doing today, as I am sore as hell AND I have Core Syn on deck tonight.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve completed Phase 2 of P90X. I’m honestly looking forward to it and can’t wait to lift heavier weights and continue working on my form. I can see a change in my body from just the first 30 days (I’ll be doing my measurements and what not on Monday) and I now the magic really starts to happen in month 2! So in the words on Tony Horton, I say BRING IT!

I’ve been pretty good on the nutrition front as well. After Saturday’s 5K, the hubs and I did go to a sports bar for lunch and I did splurge on some fried pickles. I never had them before and they had half-price apps, so who was I to say NO, right? The weirdest thing for me was not having a beer while watching football on Sunday, but I wasn’t even craving one, so I skipped it! *SHRUG*

My slow cooker and I are still trying to learn to get a long with each other. I think I need a newer one with the programmable features so I can set a shut off time and just keep it warm until ready to serve. It seems some recipes call for much shorter cook times than others, however my work schedule does not. The result is meat that sometimes dries out and I don’t like that. At. All.

Now it’s your turn! Share with me what you have done on the fitness front this week….or what you plan on doing this weekend! Let’s keep each other motivated!

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Plank Challenge

I recently saw my friend and inspiration, @MariaPaulercio, doing a Plank Challenge on Instagram and I decided I had to join in.

What’s the Plank Challenge, you ask?

Well, everyday you push yourself to hold a proper plank form (see image at the end of this blog for proper form) for as long as you can. By as long as you can, I mean until your core muscles can no longer hold you up. Not, “my mind says I can’t do this“. Your mind is a liar most times. You are capable of doing some pretty epic stuff if you push yourself to your absolute max, which is way past when your mind says “I’m done“.

*Please don’t confuse using common sense with pushing past your mental max. There is a difference here and I’m not telling you to push till you hurt yourself. I’m trying to get you to leave your comfort zone, cause THAT’S when the magic happens.*

Each day I do my challenge, I set my iPhone stopwatch to zero, select music that is going to get me pumped up and in the zone, get into my plank pose, press start and then I zone the hell out. You will shake while doing this. You might not last all that long, either. The important thing is proper form and a positive attitude. Each day you’ll see an improvement and you’ll begin to feel your core strengthen.

Here is what plank should and should NOT look like. I recommend using a mirror or have someone check your form, if you are new to it, until you know what correct form feels like.

I have chosen to post my daily results on Instagram with the hashtag #PlankChallenge. I use a photo collage app to show my time, song I listened usually a pic of myself. There is no need to do all of that, but if you are on IG, you know how fun it can be and I think it’s a great way to stay accountable with friends. If you don’t follow me on Instagram but are curious of my progress with this so far, feel free to look me up. My username is Bronc787 or you should be able to Click Here to view my photo stream via Statigram.

If you decide to join the plank challenge, please let me know! I’d love to keep each other motivated, challenged and to push each other to the next level of fitness!

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