21 Day Fix EXTREME Planning Tools

21 Day Fix Planning Tools
The 21 Day Fix quickly became one of my favorite Beachbody programs thanks to it’s focus on nutrition and those super easy to use, color coded containers. Team that up with the fact that the workouts were all beginner friendly and offered a modifier and you have a winning program designed to get anyone started off right!

Click here to learn more about 21 Day Fix.

However, now it’s time to kick things up a notch and get seriously shredded with 21 Day Fix EXTREME!

Celebrity trainer and national bikini competitor Autumn Calabrese is back with her simple eating and has teamed it up with extreme fitness, to help people get shredded and shed off those final pounds.  Here is what I know about 21 Day Fix EXTREME:

  • This is NOT a beginner program
  • 3 different meal plan options to choose from (Energy Balancer, Fat Burner and Countdown to Competition)
  • 7 brand-new, intense workouts
  • Workouts are all 30 minutes in length
  • Color coded containers to eliminate calorie counting and guessing
  • All of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts include weights or a band (the workouts were designed to be used with the pink band from Beachbody)
  • There will be a modifier, but if you are new fitness, you should start with the original 21 Day Fix.

The containers are the same as in the original 21 Day Fix but depending on which calorie calculation you fall into, your container amounts might be different. This is designed to give you EXTREME results based on your daily activity level as well as your personal goals for the program. This program also takes away the treats that were allowed in 21 Day Fix and it has a much cleaner food list (no more waffles and english muffins – but it’s only 21 days…you can do it!).

If you have never done a fitness program before (any Beachbody program or other gym activity other than just walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical)  it is highly suggested that you start with the 21 Day Fix and then move to the 21 Day Fix EXTREME.

My program just arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to crack open the new guide books to see what this new program was all about.

I was happy to see that there are a lot recipes in the Eating Plan this time around. That was my biggest gripe with the first program…lots of foods on the lists and a sample meal plan, but the recipes were very basic and boring to me. I was also happy to see variations of recipes I’ve already been using in there like Turkey Chili, Turkey Meatloaf and Egg Muffins.

The other change I really liked was the calorie calculation. There are now options to choose what kind of lifestyle you lead (sendentary, moderate or active) so there is no longer a “one size fits all” aspect to this. The other plus to me is that there are 3 different meal plan options depending on what your goals are for the program. You can now choose from 3 different options:

  1. The Energy Balancer: This one is similar to the original Fix meal plan. You plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as two snacks. The goal is to eat every 2-3 hours and use a variety of containers during your main 3 meals and fill in with leftover containers for your snacks.
  2. The Fat Burner: This plan spreads your eating out across 6 meals, so you eat roughly ever 2 hours. However, you need to make sure you finish your purple and yellow containers before 6pm.
  3. Countdown to Competition: This is the strictest of the plans. You’ll spread your eating into 8 meals, roughly 2 hours apart. You’ll follow the Countdown to Competition plan for 2 days, then the Extreme plan for 1, routing throughout the entire 21 days.

As soon as I saw all of these choices, I KNEW I needed to design some new 21 Day Fix Extreme Planning Tools!

21 DFX Planning Tools

Click to Print

These planners can still be used in conjunction with the 21 Day Fix Planning Tools I posted about when I first started the program. I believe the Tally Sheets that I link to will still work, if they do not, I’ll design some new ones and add them to this post once I take a closer look at things.

If you’ve ever considered trying the 21 Day Fix or if you think you’re ready to tackle 21 Day Fix Extreme, I have an accountability group starting on March 2nd and I’d love to speak to with you!


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9 responses to “21 Day Fix EXTREME Planning Tools

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  2. Amanda

    HI! I can seem to print the 21 df sheets, but not the 21dfx sheets – the link is just the picture. Am I doing it wrong? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. Having trouble pulling up the printable meal planners do you think you could email them to me please
    thank you

  4. Hi I’m trying to make copys or in large them to see if I can figure how to start meal planning I have the reg 21 fix. But not all these tally sheets your showing. Would love to see how they work . I have a coach and Tried to get her to send me .,but she’s not understanding what I’m asking.. Go figure!! She just sent me food groups.
    Can you at least help me see them better and show me where to go and start meal planning for them. I didn’t know there was a fat burner one . But would like to know how to figure food groups for it. Karen
    I really enjoyed going through your work on Pinterest. Thank you

    • Hi Karen, Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting. If you click on the photo of all of the sheets above, it will take you to a .PDF where you can view them all and the print them. These particular sheets were designed for the 21 Day Fix Extreme, which has different meal plan options, such as Fat Burner. If you are just starting out with the original 21 Day, I recommend using the sheets from this post: http://www.getfitwithnikki.com/2014/07/21-day-fix-planning-tools/ (same thing…click on the image to see the .PDF and print them). I custom made all of these sheets, so that may be why your coach was unsure of what you were asking for.

      As for meal planning, I did a post of how I recommend doing that and you can view it here: http://www.getfitwithnikki.com/2015/02/meal-planning-101/

      If you have any other questions, please let me know and I will help you as best I can :)

  5. Lovvely blog you have here

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