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Tomorrow’s The Big Day / What I Wore {Easter Sunday}

Yup! You read it correctly…tomorrow is the big day. In less than 12 hours I will be taking a major step in my weight loss journey and I’ll be having my tummy tuck with muscle repair.

The past week has been a whirl wind and with things being so hectic up at work, I didn’t really have much time to think about the procedure. I did manage to find time to make a list of things I needed from Target and pick them up, but outside of making sure I was taking my supplements as directed, that’s it.

Since we are on the subject of supplements….let me vent about what I pain in the ass they are! I feel like a junkie popping pills all day. It’s not fun and I’ll be happy when I’m 7-14 days post surgery, so I can stop taking them. 

At this current moment, I keep flip flopping between excitement, nervousness and full blown anxiety. I’m thankful that today was Easter. I had plenty of things going on to keep my mind busy, so I didn’t dwell on it all day. It wasn’t until around 6pm when people started texting me to wish me luck tomorrow, that I started to enter panic mode.

Speaking of Easter, I decided to be girly and wear not only a dress but also my 5″ platform sandals. For those of you know me, you know how tall I am in 5″ platforms (as well as how ungraceful I am in them) but I wanted to step out of the box and finally wear these shoes. I bought them a year ago in two different colors because I loved them. I swore I would wear them but they never saw the light of day before today.

Coral Dress: Old Navy, last year. Teal Animal Stripe Sweater: Charlotte Russe, last year. Sandals: Charlotte Russe, last year. Necklace: Premiere Designs about 2 years ago. 

It felt nice to get dressed up instead of just tossing on a pair of jeans and a shirt. I won’t lie, I took a pair of flip flops with me in my purse and wore them for the drive home. My feet can only take so much…they are used to my beloved Converse after all! Plus I’ll be living in sweats and I won’t have a need for shoes over the next 1-2 weeks.

I’m hoping sleep will find me tonight and the anxiety will subside. (Plus I can’t eat after midnight or I’ll turn into a Gremlin.) I have to be at the surgeons office tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, so I think I’ll be waking up around 6 am so I can shower, get into some comfy clothes and try not to be too cranky without coffee or breakfast. Sigh.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me in my decision to do this, has been there to ease my anxiety and has kept me motivated along the way. You all mean a lot to me and I’m happy to have you in my life.

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P.S. – I was hoping to have some pics of where I’ll be staying during the first few days of recovery, but we never got around to setting it up this weekend. Thankfully my husband is going to take care of all that while I’m in surgery tomorrow. I didn’t want him just sitting around waiting for 4-5 hours anyway, so now he’ll have something to keep his mind busy for a little while.


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Less Than One Week and Counting

Today was my pre-op appointment with the surgeon, which means my surgery is less than a week away….YIKES!

My nerves have been on edge lately as the surgery date rapidly approaches. There is excitement to finally have my muscle issues corrected and to say farewell to the excess skin that taunts me as I get dressed daily. Then there is fear. Fear of going under the knife and everything that could go wrong. I think excitement is finally starting to win out over the fear, but that is something that can flip flop at any moment. I know…way to stay positive Nikki. Sigh.

At today’s appointment, we went over everything regarding the surgery again. I got to slip into the oh so sexy, pink gown that I’m shown wearing, but this time I was also lucky enough to put on a pair of black, string, mesh-like underwear. Be jealous! …and no…there is no photo of those horrific underwear, sorry. 

Once in my lovely new attire, I was asked to stand by a blue wall so the surgeon could take my “before” photos. I had to face him, then left, the angled, then right, then angled again. This is when I mentally died a little of embarrassment.

After photos were done I had some measurements taken for the support binder I will have to wear for 2 weeks post surgery and then I was able to ditch the pink gown, hop back into my clothing and move to the next room where my vitals were taken.

The next segment of my pre-op appointment took place in the conference room where we went over all the surgery again. I was given my surgery time, we went over all of the risks, do’s and don’ts for both pre and post surgery and I was able to ask questions at this time. He also showed and explained the “pain pump” to me again. After reading things on-line, I’m very happy the surgeon I selected uses one of these and I think it’s going to make life a lot easier that first week.

Once everything was gone over and I signed all of the consent forms, we made our way up front and I was given my prescription for post surgical pain medication, appointments for post-op care and I received my “Recovery Support Program” which is a box of vitamins that I started taking tonight. In the box are the following item:

Clinical Support: Morning Formula – I have to take 3 tablets daily with breakfast or lunch, from now through 2 weeks post surgery.

Clinical Support: Evening Formula – I have to take 3 tablets daily with dinner or at bedtime, from now through 2 weeks post surgery.

Bromelin with Quercetin – 2 capsules on an empty stomach before breakfast, lunch AND dinner, for 3 days prior to surgery and continue for 7 days post surgery.

Arnica Montana 30X HPUS – The evening of surgery and for 7-14 days after, 3 tablets, under the tongue on an empty stomach before breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

*I also need to take 500mg of Vitamin C twice a day as it helps to promote healing.

As I type this, I can feel all of the pills I just swallowed sitting in my chest. This is A LOT of pills to swallow daily and I must admit, I’m not looking forward to it…however, they are supposed to help me to recover faster sooooo……

After receiving my surgical handbook and goody bag of prescriptions, appointments, pills and antiseptic cleanser, I was off to talk with the surgical nurse. She went over when and how to use the antiseptic cleaner and what I can and cannot use when prepping myself the day of surgery. She went over all of the vitamins again and made sure I received my prescription for blood work.

From there, I went to the financial office, where I left a very large chunk of money and suddenly it hit me…..I’m actually going through with this!

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Getting Nervous

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to read my last blog post. The amount of messages, tweets and e-mails I received after posting that were amazing. It’s nice to know that I am not the only person who has thought about this. It’s also so reassuring to have the support of so many wonderful people, as I prepare myself for a new leg of my journey. You are all amazing and inspirational to me. Thank you! XOXO

Since being sick the last few days, I have laid in bed with my laptop and searched different blogs and message boards regarding tummy tucks. This my friends, is the perfect way to freak yourself out and question what you are doing. I don’t recommend it. At. All.

I am one week out from my pre-op appointment and I wanted to make a list of questions to bring with me so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed and forget things while there. I am an over planner and I feel its my job to have everything I might possibly need BEFORE the big day arrives. I’ve also been freaking out about being sick. We seem to be passing some funky bug around the house and I have this new fear of catching something right before surgery day. If I could set off a Lysol bomb and give us all Clorox baths, I probably would. (I know…relax, Nikki)

Anyway…I need to stop focusing on all the “problem” posts I’ve seen on these boards. Issues can arise, yes…but it’s not the norm. While I think it is important to be aware of what can happen, you can’t dwell and fret over it. I think I have very realistic expectations heading into this. I have a ton of confidence in my surgeon and his work. I just need to settle down and stay positive about everything, which is sometimes easier said than done. I think it’s just this rough patch in life that’s been getting the best of me. It seems that whatever can go wrong, has gone wrong so, it’s causing extra anxiety about this procedure. Meh!

Stay tuned for next weeks Pre-op blog and if you have been through this and have any advice….please share!

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We All Have Secrets

…and I’m about to share one of mine:

“I have loose skin around my abdomen.”

There! I said it. (As embarrassing as it is to do so.)

Despite 2.5 rounds of P90X, 2 rounds of Insanity, ChaLean Extreme, running, other workouts and eating healthy, I am left with a reminder of what my body once was, in the form of sagging skin. I can’t say that I am surprised by this at all. I neglected my body for years, packed on the pounds and I also gave birth to two beautiful children. I knew my body would never be “perfect” but I did have hopes that my skin would bounce back more than it did.

A year ago when I reached that 100lb+ weight-loss milestone, I began to research tummy tucks and started to really contemplate having one done. Of course the thought of going under the knife scares the shit out of me and I don’t exactly have thousands of dollars sitting around collecting dust, so I tossed the thought into the “maybe someday” file in my brain. However, I knew if it was something I was ever going to do, I would have to prove to myself that this truly did become a lifestyle and that my old habits wouldn’t creep back up on me.

As you have read here, over the past year I have had struggles with nutrition as well as my workouts, but thankfully never at the same time. Despite these struggles, I have never gained more than 8lbs and I have always dropped it as soon as I felt I gained it. (Yes, I can totally feel when my weight shifts now…it’s weird, but I can call the number on the scale before I even step on it). My measurements have even stayed consistent over the past year which really made me happy and brought the thought of a tummy tuck back to the front of my mind again.

A few weeks ago I had a discussion with my husband about how upset this extra skin made me. How frustrating it was to look in the mirror and not be able to see past it despite all of the hard work I have done over these 3 years. I broke down into tears, which is something I hate to do, but this is something that I’m really embarrassed about. (You have no idea how hard it is to even type this blog right now). For the first time, he saw the pain I felt and we discussed going for consultations to see how much it would be to have the tummy tuck done and to find out if I was even a candidate for it.

Yesterday, I went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon who came highly recommended by the doctor I used to work for. I studied photos of his work and looked at patient reviews  on-line for the 2 weeks leading up to this appointment. The anxiety I had going into that office was unreal but I womaned-up, put on the pink paper gown they left for me and stood before the surgeon to have all of my imperfections examined. After the exam, we sat in a conference room and discussed the procedure in detail. He answered all of my questions, gave me all of the information I would need to make a decision and he then walked me down to the hall to another office where the financial portion of the consultation would be handled. I sat there nervously as I prepared myself for number anxiety. This portion of the consultation should really come with a shot of Patron or Jack Daniels…a person needs something to take the edge off when a tiny piece of paper with a large number is about to be presented to them. The woman entered the room with said piece of paper and there was an extra digit before the coma that I wasn’t quite prepared for. At this point some smelling salts would have also been nice to revive me and bring me back to present time so I could have heard her going over “payment policies”.  I managed to smile even though I was discouraged by the price and I left the office when she was done, with some information on financing in case I needed that as an option...uh yeah! Last time I checked the money tree in my backyard hadn’t sprouted yet.

I called my husband after the appointment and almost immediately lost it. I felt all of my hope for ridding myself of the “old me” slipping away after seeing the price tag on the procedure and he quickly calmed me down. He talked me off the ledge and said all of the things I needed to hear. Another phone call to my mother and I was feeling better again. There were a few more wishy washy moments that evening but after the three of us sat down over dinner, went through all of my options and scenarios, it was decided that I earned this procedure.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I decided to go ahead with the tummy tuck and this morning, I called the office and made the appointment to say farewell to the last remaining reminder of the “old me”. In three short weeks, it will be nothing more than a very painful incision on my abdomen….Dammit! I wasn’t supposed to think about that now.

I know this is not going to be an easy road, but they say anything in life worth having, isn’t easy. Heck, the past 3 years of my life weren’t easy either, but with hard work and dedication, I proved that I wanted it bad enough to get it.

So there you have it…the big secret I’ve been hiding is out on the web for everyone to read…and I feel a slight sense of relief now that I’ve shared it.

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Have you had a tummy tuck? If so, please share your recovery tips with me.


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