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LOST – “The End”

After 6 seasons of LOST, the series finale finally arrived last night. It was a bitter sweet moment for me as a die hard fan.

On one hand I was excited to hopefully get the answers I have been seeking for so many seasons. On the other, I was sad that this would be “The End” of a show I had come to love and hate.

Each week after LOST I would spend time on-line looking at scene caps from the episode of that week, reading message boards and discussing the newest episode with friends, family and co-workers.

Now the end was here and I wanted to celebrate my favorite shows departure from television in style!

As some of you also know I am…er….was a graphic designer and I take my theme parties very seriously. I also take LOST very seriously so having a theme party for my favorite show with a few fellow die hard fans was a no brainer.

Here are some of the items I had at the party. I held back on my ideas since it was a small get together. I was originally going to have make shift tents over the food tables like the Losties built on the beach. I was going scatter suitcases and clothes around as well have tiki torches outside of the door with a “QUARANTINE” sign on the front door…..but…..sigh….I didn’t.

DHARMA Theme cupcakes….yum!

DHARMA Fish Biscuit anyone?!

How about some Mr. Cluck’s chicken?

I also decided to make DHARMA t-shirts for us to wear:



As for the finale itself I had a lot of mixed emotions. There were emotional parts, more questions that I will never get answers and an ending that is open to interpretation.

I have watched the ending a few times today, read and spoke with a few friends about it and I am content with the ending now.

This article sums up my thoughts on it and cleared up a few things I was wondering about: CLICK HERE

Feel free to post your theories, what you liked, what you didn’t like and how you spent your finale 2.5 hours with LOST in the comments.

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