LOST – “The End”

After 6 seasons of LOST, the series finale finally arrived last night. It was a bitter sweet moment for me as a die hard fan.

On one hand I was excited to hopefully get the answers I have been seeking for so many seasons. On the other, I was sad that this would be “The End” of a show I had come to love and hate.

Each week after LOST I would spend time on-line looking at scene caps from the episode of that week, reading message boards and discussing the newest episode with friends, family and co-workers.

Now the end was here and I wanted to celebrate my favorite shows departure from television in style!

As some of you also know I am…er….was a graphic designer and I take my theme parties very seriously. I also take LOST very seriously so having a theme party for my favorite show with a few fellow die hard fans was a no brainer.

Here are some of the items I had at the party. I held back on my ideas since it was a small get together. I was originally going to have make shift tents over the food tables like the Losties built on the beach. I was going scatter suitcases and clothes around as well have tiki torches outside of the door with a “QUARANTINE” sign on the front door…..but…..sigh….I didn’t.

DHARMA Theme cupcakes….yum!

DHARMA Fish Biscuit anyone?!

How about some Mr. Cluck’s chicken?

I also decided to make DHARMA t-shirts for us to wear:



As for the finale itself I had a lot of mixed emotions. There were emotional parts, more questions that I will never get answers and an ending that is open to interpretation.

I have watched the ending a few times today, read and spoke with a few friends about it and I am content with the ending now.

This article sums up my thoughts on it and cleared up a few things I was wondering about: CLICK HERE

Feel free to post your theories, what you liked, what you didn’t like and how you spent your finale 2.5 hours with LOST in the comments.

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4 responses to “LOST – “The End”

  1. Tab

    Before I go reading the article, I wanted to give you my opinion of the ending. A few weeks, late, I know, but things have been crazy. :)

    I think the idea that the island was purgatory was ludicrous. But, then again, I believe in a lot of fantastical stuff in the real world and I’m a huge fan of fantasy novels. So, the very idea that there was an island ruled by quasi-spiritual beings that embodied a power, used in a bumbling, fumbling, flawed manner by Jacob, but could be used any which way depending on the personality of the person weilding it, works for me. In reality. Christian Shepherd (and yes, I missed it too until Cate made the joke) said, “It happened, Jack. It all happened. It was an experience you all shared and through that experience you all built this place to come back together eventually”. But “Where is that place?!” my husband has demanded of me. I say that it is right there at the Pearly Gates. Who says that you have to be looking at some fantastical version of a Gate with St. Peter sitting there? Not me, man.

    So, I think they crashed on some crazy ass island with properties that make the Bermuda Triangle look like parlor tricks, had some crazy ass experiences, lived their lives and died, and came together eventually after their lives ended. I can live with the literal interpretation of that scenario.

    To answer objections I’ve gotten:
    “But they didn’t look OLD” – So? Did Neo look like he did in “real life” in the Matrix? Heck, do you look like you REALLY look when you think of yourself? Seriously, take a minute…what is your mental image of yourself? I realize how far off mine is every time I go shopping for a new outfit. Besides, who knows how old Hurley and Ben were when they died.

    “But, SERIOUSLY, a smoke monster? A guy who could grant a seriously long life if not immortality?” – I see this two ways. One: it could happen. Why not? Ever read the Bible? Two: The island is a literary device. In fact, it is the ONLY constant, unmutable fixture in one seriously twisted storyline. Every character went through a mind blowing transformation before they died. Think about the 180s they all took. The island is the only thing that remained unchanged. It was the anchor of the story.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents. ;) I’ll go read that article now.

    • I like it Tab! The only thing is I don’t think the Island was purgatory…I believe that alternate “flash sideways” was a sort of purgatory until they had their awakening and realized that they passed on and were finally able to “crossover” to heaven or whatever you believe in. They definitely left the ending open to interpretation so I love hearing other peoples thoughts on it.

      It’s a sci-fi based TV show so the whole smoke monster, spiritual being who has lived for thousands of years and can grant immortality never really bothered me. I agree that the island was in a fact the only constant (besides Desmond to Farady ;) ….lol) in the show. The Dharma Initiative was simply fluffy filler to give some answers and create new ones for us.

      Overall the story to me was about redemption. It was about the personal journey of each character to find who they truly were, what made them happy, to face the inner demons that haunted them and to right some of the wrongs in their past.

      I loved hearing your 2 cents and loved the section you had on your own mental image….makes you stop and think!

  2. I never watched lost but that party looks like it was sooo much fun! I’m a sucker for party favors with a theme… =P

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