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Wordless Wednesday {The Color Run Pro Photos}

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The Color Run

This past Saturday, my husband and I, along with our friends Corine and James (aka The Complicated’s), formed Team Color Us Awesome, and participated in The Color Run here in New Jersey.

All of this was so last minute, as we formed our team and signed up less than a week before the event date. We tried coming up with corny team shirts and Corine wanted us to wear tutu’s, but sadly, we didn’t have enough time to plan things out and show our true awesomeness for the event. What we ended up with up were the t-shirts they gave us, neon sunglasses and colorful nails. (Not too bad for last minute!)

The morning of the race was a little crazy. We had no issues getting into the race venue, but The Complicated’s come from a different direction and it took them forever to enter and ended up in a completely different parking lot from us. Once we finally found each other and headed towards to start line, you were able to see just how many people were there and you could feel the excitement of those around us. We of course took some goofy photos and joked around while waiting.

They were letting people start in groups of 1,000. Yes, you heard me correctly. There was no true shot of running this thing, not that I can last a full 5K without stopping to walk for a bit, unless you arrived VERY early or VERY late. We were all just looking to have fun and The Complicated’s are not serious runners either, so it was all good.

The course was broken into zones and each zone had it’s own color. You would run/walk for awhile, hit a color zone and people who were working the event would throw colored corn starch at you that matched the zone you were in ie: blue, yellow, green, pink or purple. It was fun to see people rolling around on the floor in the color and people trying to scoop it off the ground to throw at their friends.

At the end of the 5K, (which took us about 45 minutes) there was a huge after party. All of the color filled (and not so pleasant smelling) people crowded in front of a stage and DJ booth to dance, cheer and catch additional color packets to be tossed up in the air at 15 minute intervals. They also had photo stations where you could have team photos taken by professional staff. (I’m hoping to have those back soon).

Overall, The Color Run was a fun experience and it is something I would do again. I’m a fan of these group 5K events and if I had the time I’d absolutely attend this one happening next month, because who wouldn’t want do to a 5K, while being chased by Zombies, flag football style?!

Here are some pics from The Color Run…

Top: The Color Run sign with signs of the aftermath. Bottom Left: Color Packets that were in our bags to be thrown at the after party. Bottom Right: The after party with color flying

Top Left: Team Color Us Awesome at the starting line. Top Right: Hubs and I pre-race. Bottom: Color Crawl in full swing.

Top Left: Corine had to a have photo of us by the pretty flowers! Top Right: Princess Rainbow Sparkle and myself, post race. Bottom Left: Hubs and I post race. Bottom Right: Me in all my technicolor glory.

Right: In the middle of the crowd at the after party. Top: In the middle of the color madness. Middle: Mike’s shirt, post run. Bottom: Having the color blown off of me by a guy with a leaf blower. SMH.

Top Left: Me, post run. Top Right: Color Run nails! Bottom Left: The contents of the race packet. Bottom Right: Post run

There you have it, my first ever Color Run! As you can see, it was a lot of fun! What was even more fun was the look on people’s faces at Target when we went shopping there post race, before cleaning up *giggle*

Oh, and for those of you wondering… clean up wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t fun either. I had color in places where I didn’t think color could get!

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P90X: Day 7 Round 3.5

A little out of order to finish up the week, but it was truly worth it. Normally I’m not a fan of switching up the routine, but last night, the hubs and I had a wonderful date night that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I usually enjoy Xstretch to start my Sunday morning off but our dinner at a Hawaiian burrito joint followed by a walk on the beach, fireworks and some delicious frozen yogurt at Red Mango was well worth the change up.

Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut!

That was the theme to today’s workout!  There is something about kicking and punching for an hour that helps your stress levels to go down. (Not that I was stressed at all today but in the past it has really helped.)

To be honest, I was tired during this routine. My booty and hip flexors are still really sore from Friday nights Legs & Back and my balance wasn’t as good as it normally is. I was also in bum mode since I had just spent 4 hours on the couch watching my Broncos lose a preseason game to the 49’ers. Sigh. Needless to say, I got up, we pushed play and 58 minutes later, we were done, I felt accomplished and I could officially close the book on week 1! I was also done just in time to plop myself back down and watch the season finale of True Blood.

While doing my workout, I received a text from a friend who asked if I would be interested in doing a Color Run 5k next weekend. After checking out the website and exchanging a few texts, team “Color Us Awesome” was born! I’m excited to do this colorful 5k on September 1st. It looks like a lot of fun and it’s an excuse to be healthy and have fun with some friends.

I’m not sure if I will keep up the daily P90X blog entries or do a weekly recap…I guess my schedule and mood will dictate that. I will at the very least have some fit-spiration posts and a recap of my Color Run!

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P90X: Day 3 Round 3.5

My favorite line this workout.

I entered Day 3 with a sore upper body and core, which I absolutely love! Nothing beats that post workout soreness. To me, it lets meknow I am doing something right and that means I’ll start to see some progress before I know it.

Today we worked the glamour muscles with a little Shoulders & Arms.

This is one of my favorite P90X workouts because when I’m done with it, I feel strong and I tend to see quick results in my shoulders.

The workout is broken into 3 rounds plus a bonus round for those of us who really want to Bring It! Each round works the shoulders, biceps and triceps (in that order) and repeats itself before giving you a 30 second water/ballistic stretch break.

Since I’ve done this program a few times, I tend to keep us laughing by reciting many of the Tony-isms that are in each DVD. From “like a Pterodactyl coming for a landing….kaaaaaa!” to his fawning over the “fabulous Dreya Weber”, we toss the lines back and forth to keep the workout fun and help pass the hour.

Tomorrow is supposed to be YogaX but I’m not gonna lie….I’m not doing it. I know Tony LOVES yoga and I know how important it is, but I know my core is not ready for 90 intense minutes of it. I will most likely do a shorter yoga DVD and hopefully go for a walk/run. I guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out what I actually end up doing.

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P90X: Day 1, Round 3.5

Yep…after a bunch of debating and procrastinating, I decided to give P90X another go.

I’ve been skeptical about what I should do for a workout routine since I am technically not cleared by my surgeon to do ab work yet. At first, I was going to hold off until my next appointment in a few weeks and then start Insanity if he gave me the all clear, but then I was talking with the hubs and he mentioned that he wanted to start P90X again since he fell off the wagon after getting sick during Phase 2.

After lots of thought, I decided to start P90X again. I’ve already been lifting using ChaLean Extreme and I’ve been doing lower body and some running here and there, so I figured why not?! I will just skip Ab Ripper X and listen to my body during the workouts.

Tonight was Day 1, which meant Chest and Back and I was very nervous going in. For those of you not familiar with the program, Chest and Back requires a lot of push-ups, and push-ups require core strength. I definitely paced myself for Round 1 and I made sure to really “Bring It” during the pull-up segments (I did pull downs and hubs used the pull-up bar). I felt some pulling and tightness in my core as I began to max out during push-ups, so I made sure to spend a little time in child’s pose at the end of each move.

Overall, I felt really great doing the workout. Push-ups are still a weakness of mine (unless they are of the wide variety) and my numbers were much lower than my last round, but I’m working things the best I can, and that means I’m doing laps around everyone one who is just sitting on the couch.

Tomorrow is PlyoX but I think I will be subbing with CardioX so I can see how my body feels about my starting P90X again.

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A Pleasant Surprise

Today I woke up to sunshine and cool temps so I grabbed my sneakers and headed for the fitness trail. It’s been a while since I’ve been there so I set my Run Keeper app for a walk instead of a run and hit the pavement.

I planned on going my normal route which is normally just shy of 5 miles round trip. As I reached the rec center, which is where I do the bulk of my run/walks, I was feeling good and decided to start jogging. It felt great to do it and I fell into pace rather easily. Once I hit the back entrance to the actual fitness trail I was surprised to see new posts with directional arrows had been installed. The trail really needed those as certain spots can get a little tricky.

As I went further into the wooded section of the trail, I had to drop down to a walk again. I was getting a little tired and there were a lot of workers cutting the overgrown brush back from the path. Once I reached my halfway mark (which is the real trail start point) I noticed something interesting… a new sign that said START as well as 5K on it. The trail was a never a 5K before and then I recalled seeing a new “path” on my way in. Of course I had to go check things out and I’m glad I did! The new trail is really nice and the view today was stunning.

As I headed back from the “Start” of the trail I noticed mile marker signs along the way, too. It was really nice to see that they were cleaning things up on the trail and that they made the improvement by extending it.

When I finally finished my walk, I ended up doing a little over 6.5 miles and it felt great. I can’t wait to head back up there and conquer the new section of the trail again.

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