Day 1 – Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse

Today (April 12, 2010) was the first day of my 3 day cleanse and it was tougher than I thought it would be. My day started out like it normally does, until I reached the kitchen and realized I would be drinking green tea instead of my usual cup of glorious coffee. It was fresh brewed coffee, all hot and wonderful smelling for the other people in this house….for me a box of green tea waited to be brewed….sigh.

I drank my plain green tea which really wasn’t so bad and proceeded to do my yoga before having my first Shakeology of the day. So far, so good….off to work, life was good.

Once I reached my desk at work things started going downhill. There was coffee brewing (which is something that normally doesn’t happen there) and the smell was taunting me. I also seemed more aware of all of the goodies that were just lying around waiting to be eaten – there were crackers, jelly beans, gummie worms, chocolate, cupcakes….all the pitfalls that seem to come with working in an office. I managed to ignore them all as I walked to the fridge to get my grapes and a cup of water. Yum! *grumbles

However at this point I started watching the clock….lunchtime couldn’t arrive soon enough. I was hungry…no….I was starving! I NEEDED my next shake and I needed it NOW! People around me were eating and starting to heat up their lunch and it smelled so good. I however had a shaker cup of Shakeology and some green tea….double sigh.

As the work day chugged on I began to run out of steam. How could this be happening…how could I NOT have energy when drinking more than one Shakeology shake?! They are packed with nutrients and vitamins! I chalked it up to the fact that I was doing INSANITY (I dropped out…whole different blog that I will one day type out) and my body was reacting to the huge change in calorie consumption. It still didn’t make me feel any better, I had no energy, I was getting shaky and I was not a happy camper. I wanted a NAP!!!!

Fast forward to dinner…..30 torturous minutes grilling my chicken for my larger than life salad and I was now happy! I had FOOD!!! I wasn’t sipping through a straw, I needed a fork dammit! It smelled amazing, it tasted amazing and I savored every bite of it….YUM! Dessert was my third and final shake which I added some peppermint extract to (it may be a no-no…I don’t know and to be honest could an 1/8th of a tsp really matter that much?!)  I was now ready for bed at 8pm…sad huh?!

As I lay in bed totally exhausted and once again questioning my choices over the past week I realized something…..this was all in my head. I am so used to walking through the kitchen and grabbing a snack (healthy of course although I am human and have kids so the occasional cookie does happen) and trying to consume massive amounts of calories to keep up with my workouts that I thought I needed to feel miserable doing this.

I’m hoping that with tomorrow being my day off from work and with my new mind set it will be easier to make it through. I have my chicken and salad all prepped. My fruit waiting to be eaten and my blender all clean and ready to be used repeatedly!

Good night!

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