Day 2 – Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse

Well, today was my second day of the cleanse and I woke up feeling great! I thought I would have a headache, be starving and cranky (well crankier than usual when I first wake up as I am NOT a morning person) but I didn’t feel any of that. I even went into the kitchen and didn’t get bitchy that I couldn’t have any coffee……ok…..that’s not TOTALLY true but I wasn’t about to bite anyone’s head off like yesterday.

I probably wasn’t supposed to but I went and weighed myself this morning out of curiosity. To my shock I lost 2lbs! Yep…you heard me 2lbs in one day. I don’t know how good that is, as rule of thumb is to only lose 1-2lbs per week but it is a cleanse so I guess it’s ok….if not as soon as take my first sip of coffee on Thursday morning I will probably gain the 2lbs right back! THAT would be my luck! SIGH

I managed to go about my morning routine of getting the kids ready for school before even thinking about my tea. My first shake was yummy – possibly cheated by adding the peppermint extract again…..sssshhhh….don’t tell anyone, it can be our secret!

P90X Xstretch was the morning routine of choice as I am still trying to recover from my week of Insanity….I know, I need to blog about that too and I will soon. I also did a round of the fitness trail with my bestest neighbor. I was VERY surprised I had the energy to do all of this and wasn’t hungry at all. Oh! I had a banana before hitting the trail too.

Lunch was around 1pm and it was the same as breakfast. I wasn’t really hungry but I had my time schedule to stick too so I chugged it back and moved along with the day. Snack today was my second cup of iced green tea and grapes….I know….you’re totally jealous of this menu!

Dinner was my gigantic salad with grilled chicken. It was yummy….not quite as yummy as yesterday but still….it was better than another shake. It was nice to need a fork again! About 3/4 of the way through I actually felt too full to continue which truly surprised me, I mean it’s a salad AND it’s the ONLY food I get to eat and I couldn’t finish it….something is wrong with me!

A little while ago I had my dessert……yep… guessed it (insert sarcasm)….another Shakeology shake! Woohoo!

By this point I am no longer amused and cleaning the blender 3 times a day  is  just getting to be annoying. I am also crashing despite the nutrient packed shake. I feel mentally alert since drinking it but physically I am drained and just want to lay in bed.

Tomorrow will be my final day of this torture cleanse and it will be THE hardest day for me. Wednesday is my long day. I work at the office in the morning, come home, prepare dinner, then race off to do some cake decorating up at the store. How I’m going to survive such a long day on so few calories is beyond me….my game plan is to not dwell on it and go with the flow. Worst case I will have an extra fruit during the course of the day. Like that will really help! *rolls eyes.

With that I am tired and LOST is finally at the DVR’d point where I can watch it with no commercials. Hopefully I will survive tomorrow and be back to blog about it….if not….well…..hope you enjoyed Day 1 and 2!

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