Day 7 – End of Week 1

Well….week 1 was not perfect but it is done. This morning I did some 10 minute trainer yoga, took a nap instead of doing Legs & Back and finished the night off with some Xstretch. I know, I know….a nap….instead of my workout….what can I say……I was a tired! I needed the rest!

When I got to thinking about it I would be doing Legs & Back today and then Chest & Back tomorrow….working my back two days in a row didn’t seem like a good idea especially with my herniated discs. I don’t need to hurt myself again and not be able to do any workouts. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I am hoping to be more disciplined week 2 and stick to the schedule but sometimes I just can’t help it and have to move stuff around, double up or just skip a workout. I don’t LIKE doing it but sometimes I have to and I have to learn to accept that.

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